Planet Zoo from Frontier Developments

Just outstanding.

Great video, it reminded me of this classic:

Edit: The new cracked layout seems to have wrecked the formatting of the article, it can be read in image form here:

Wow, that RPS piece made it into my favourite financial newsletter. Was not expecting that to ever happen.

The Arctic DLC is out today along with a big patch update. Good stuff. Now I just need to find time to play it!

Also notable, Planet Zoo went on sale today at 10% off - it’s $40.49. First time it’s been marked down.

I see much complaining about the DLC. Apparently polar bears require a realistic amount of space - 12,000m2 land + 4,000m2 of water - and this is confirmed as intended by the devs. Note that even elephants require significantly less than that in the game (2,500m2 land and 150m2 water).

For instance, a zoo with 100 habitats (some are stacked, so it looks like less). The big white bit on the right is the minimum for the polar bears:

That seems like a strange thing to complain about. It’s not like the space where people build a zoos is constrained. Oh yeah, I forgot, this is the Internet! People love to complain about dumb stuff.

I dunno. It very obviously breaks the “rules” the rest of the game uses. If you want your zoo to look the prettiest it can, that should include the animal habitats looking like they belong in the same zoo.

I don’t think the map is infinite, so I suspect there is eventually space constraints. Especially given all the rules around staff, their buildings’ effects on visitors, and whatnot, there’s a fair amount of space given over to not animal habitats.

I understand it’s a lot of space and maybe a lot more space than people are used to but I can’t work up my internet rage over the issue.

From today’s patch notes:

Reduced habitat welfare size for polar bears.

  • Thanks for the feedback on the habitat and welfare requirements for the Polar Bears. We will be amending the requirements to 1/2 of their original size. Whilst we strongly believe in the reasons behind the original numbers, we completely understand that some players, in particular our creative builders, would face too many challenges in keeping these amazing animals happy in their zoos. The new numbers will be both more in line with other large animals in Planet Zoo, and in keeping with the overall conservation message of Planet Zoo - whilst also maintaining a gameplay challenge for those who don’t want it to feel too easy to run a successful zoo.
    In terms of the original numbers, we did a lot of research into Polar Bear habitats - they are majestic animals that require a wide snowy area to roam, and if they have anything less, they tend to display stress behaviours and in general do not cope well with being in zoos. Planet Zoo is at its core about animal welfare, so we felt giving the Polar Bear the high space and water requirements it so desperately needs to thrive, was in keeping with the game’s main message

Crisis averted!

I hoped they would have gone the other way and made all other animal requirements 2x as large.

It just doesn’t make sense to require that for Polar bears and then allow all those other smaller habitats for the other animals. It’s not even about some players being creative and others playing the game; it’s not consistent with the game they made.

I have just pikced this up, used my 20% discount on Humble store. Looking forward to giving it a go over the Xmas period.

Frontier trading update:

Have they done anything about the CPU usage? I have this a try over the break and ended up with a CPU overheat warning for my trouble. I tweaked some settings, opened my case, and managed to run the intro scenario for awhile but I can only assume a large park is going to melt my rig into a pool of slag unless they’ve done some optimization.

Good for them.

I’m glad it a success for Frontier, but I actually think this is the inferior product to their other sandbox builders. It’s got slightly more park admin systems to manage (which is good) but they’re tied to an overly fiddly design system at first when you start your park, but once the spaces are built, there’s not much to do other than tweaking cage toys and trading animals.