Planet Zoo from Frontier Developments

Crisis averted!

I hoped they would have gone the other way and made all other animal requirements 2x as large.

It just doesn’t make sense to require that for Polar bears and then allow all those other smaller habitats for the other animals. It’s not even about some players being creative and others playing the game; it’s not consistent with the game they made.

I have just pikced this up, used my 20% discount on Humble store. Looking forward to giving it a go over the Xmas period.

Frontier trading update:

Have they done anything about the CPU usage? I have this a try over the break and ended up with a CPU overheat warning for my trouble. I tweaked some settings, opened my case, and managed to run the intro scenario for awhile but I can only assume a large park is going to melt my rig into a pool of slag unless they’ve done some optimization.

Good for them.

I’m glad it a success for Frontier, but I actually think this is the inferior product to their other sandbox builders. It’s got slightly more park admin systems to manage (which is good) but they’re tied to an overly fiddly design system at first when you start your park, but once the spaces are built, there’s not much to do other than tweaking cage toys and trading animals.


I can’t wait!!!

The base game is 25% off on Steam right now. Getting tempting.

Last time I tried to run this it cooked my processor. It looks great, but damn is it a resource hog.

Really tempted to get this now that it’s got a reasonable discount. Just got a city builder itch and I’ve fired up Cities: Skylines the last couple of days and even though I don’t think of the game as difficult, I’ve screwed myself over the last two starts - ran out of money and didn’t have all the essential services working properly: first time it was no water services at all, second time it was not hooking up my wastewater treatment plant to the electric grid.

Maybe I’d do better with animals! Barring that maybe I should go back to Anno 1800 and try to do stuff there.

So, um, what/where is the barrier selection tool?

I’m taking it you don’t mean the button labelled “Barriers” - what are you trying to accomplish?

Selecting an existing one should be as simple as double-clicking it. While building, you can click on the posts between sections and even the sections (as I recall) to edit those bits. Caveat: it’s not really a habitat barrier until you place a keeper gate; I don’t remember if that also prevents selecting the entire thing in one go.

I’m trying to accomplish the tutorial. I think I figured out what they mean, the left/right arrow when you have a barrier section selected.

Next dumb question:

How do you zoom to a particular animal from their habitat?

Ah, yes. THAT kind of selection.

From the list of animals, there’s a symbol to right of the name I think looks a little bit like the location pin in Google maps. Clicking that takes you right to that animal. I don’t remember from the habitat panel (I keep meaning to get back to it and at least finish the campaign, but other stuff keeps taking my attention away).

I’m playing this with my kids, who love it. I also think it’s pretty cool. We ran into the franchise corrupt save issue, however, and had to regress to an earlier saved game. Luckily, it wasn’t a big deal (but it took me a bit to figure out what was happening).

Looking at the Madagascar tutorial pathway layout, I can’t figure out how they manage to get sections of elevated path that are wide enough to support Exhibits. I ended up having to build exhibits on the grass and a path to them to complete that scenario. I saw that there are Floor pieces in the Architecture (?) section, but they don’t seem to be for walking? Just for blueprints for other things?

Took we a while too. You need to enable the grid snapping thingy that makes the path have square edges. Then you can just place down square blocks of path on all edges to expand it as you want.

It’s occasionally a little fiddly when that interacts with things like stations and non-snapped paths.

Awesome, thanks!