Planet Zoo from Frontier Developments

Plus the Australia Pack DLC.

My #1 request would be for infrastructure to either a) not negatively affect visitors, or if they insist it must b) allow things that block line-of-sight to actually block line-of-site. That was my biggest gripe at release.

I need to get back to this at some point. I still have to finish the scenarios (tutorials) so I can start the real game!

I’ve started playing today for the first time with my toddler. I can run the game at high settings 60 FPS 1080p in the tutorial mission.

The problem is when zooming the guests, it seems as if their animation were capped at 30 FPS or less, especially when they run or are in a staircase.

The animals animation looks fine, only the guests.

It is the intended behaviour or some configuration that I can change? It’s minor but itches me.

Does it only happen with crowds, or with single individuals as well? Not sure if they’re using animation LOD, or if your video card just can’t handle that many animations at once.

One thing to keep in mind, is these games (Planet Coaster as well) stress both the cpu and the gpu out like mad. Even when zoomed in, with a large park and lots of guests, the game becomes extremely cpu limited.

RTX 2070 Super and Intel 9700k. The game runs at 60 FPS or more (capped at 60 because as you said it stress both my cpu and gpu).

I think is something to do with the engine, because animals and zoo employees animations are just fine… but visitors animation are… weird.

I can live with it only wanted to know if is there a way to change this behaviour.

Thanks anyway!

Sorry I couldn’t help.

No worries!

I’ve been watching some gameplays videos in youtube and it seems it’s normal. It’s just the way the game handles crowds.

More stuff.

I wish they had gone for Sea Otters instead of Giant Otters. Sea Otters are much cuter and much more fun.


I love giant river otters. They make really interesting sounds and have complex social behaviour. Here is a poorly shot video of a (wild) family of them running around land that I got in Brazil and they have very… interesting personalities!

I wonder if Frontier has any plans to port this to consoles like they did with Planet Coaster. This type of game would be fun to play on a big screen with the family watching.

I’m hoping it gets ported. I would assume the decision to port would depend on how well Planet Coaster sales do on Console.

So they announce it, but you can’t wishlist nor pre-order it. Kinda dumb.

You can. There was even a big “Add to Wishlist” button in the email.


Not for me…

Odd that it doesn’t show up at all on the Planet Zoo main page, nor under DLC.

I typed “planet zoo” in the Steam search box. The “Planet Zoo: Aquatic Pack” was one of the results. Guessing it is mistakenly listed as a standalone game right now.

Nah, it definitely says it’s DLC. I guess steam just doesn’t list unreleased DLC under the DLC tab of the base game.

I have no idea what they’ve done to mess up this particular DLC’s listing, but that’s not it either. For instance, the now-delayed upcoming DLC for ETS2: