Planet Zoo from Frontier Developments

That was my first thought too when I read about this “other” currency. They’re not known for this sort of thing, yet, so I am hoping it’s more like Two Point Hospital (not their game)… where you have this global currency you can use at any hospital which is separate from the cash you actually use when building and playing generally… only they have an online community in the mix.

Frontier likes to sell DLC, themes and packs. They haven’t really done the cash shop thing yet.

To be fair, it’s just like real zoos. If they drop internet connection for even a second the animals just stop what they’re doing.

Elsewhere in the article they talk about earning credits from in-game objectives/quests. To me it reads like gold and xp in a rpg game.

This is one reason we have a crocodile. Whenever the internet drops, Smaug is usually basking so you really can’t tell.

This was my first thought as well. Dangerous ground. I just hope this isn’t another stupid pretty game with no strategy, challenge, or ya know… game.

Geez, large publishers really have wrecked us. We can’t even hear the phrase “conservation credits” without fearing the worst!

Well played, sir.

Hopefully that’s all it is - as Nesrie noted they don’t have a history of this sort of thing, at least.

When I saw there were several replies to that post, I figured they’d be a bunch of people telling me to shut up and stop being so cynical. Instead, it was a bunch of people agreeing with me. Dark, man.

I LOVE the idea of trading of animals for a healthy genetic pool. That being said, that is genetics, and they’ve made no mention of animals getting sick, dying, or even a genetics sub-section of the game. I hope it’s all there including lots of variations within each animal that’s carried genetically… cause that would be AWESOME.

From what I can recall, they have confirmed that animals have different genetic characteristics that affect aesthetic things like size, color, patterns. They have mentioned in passing that poor environments can make animals sick. Hopefully genetics can affect more substantial things like lifespan, disease, breeding performance, personality, etc. They have hinted theres alot more to reveal in this area.

Ps new gameplay video :

Not sure if there is multiplayer, but if so AntediluvianArk would like to be in all of your stud books.

Boy they could really hit a home-run with this if they embed as many traits as possible in the “animal genetics” making it as deep as possible. Introducing in-bred possibilities would be cool, like a missing limb or alteration to its primary attribute, like the horn or tusk.

That sounds… disturbing. I don’t know that they need to go that far… although I certainly don’t want to take away from your hopes and dreams.

No Island of Dr. Moreau then? LOL

Haha. I still remember Val’s version of that movie.

If the choice is between mutant gene animals and say bland visual animals with no depth, I assure you I will hope for your Dr. Moreau scenario instead.

Knowing Frontier, I expect this will basically be the Jurassic Park system but in a real world context.

I know Jurassic Park was as disappointment but out of the roller-coaster options Planet Coast was a pleasant surprise… so hopefully they learned from the two experiences…

Frontier clarify Franchise Mode and Conservation Credits:

No buying currencies with real $…

I sure hope playing the game isn’t as needlessly complicated as their Franchise Mode looks to be.

Anyone pre-order the Deluxe edition to get into the beta in a couple weeks? I must confess to being tempted.

I did! Really looking forward to it… not sure how much I will play the beta though, probably just a few hours just to get familiar.

I’ve been playing Jurassic World Evolution to take my mind off real life a bit. I’ma stressful mess at the moment so this game fits good right now. The production values on this are simply out of this world. Phenomenally impressive. However, very little actual gameplay which means little depth. Balance is horrendous. Once your colony gets going you explode into a bajillion dollars. I sure hope they learned some lessons from that for Planet Zoo. Zoo could be an amazing game, but if much of the game is re-skinned from Jurassic World Evolution, there won’t be much there except looking at the pretty animals.

But like I said, talk about production values. Wowsa. I’m extremely impressed with Frontier’s art department.