Planet Zoo from Frontier Developments


I’m interested, but yet again I can’t understand the benefit of CGI trailers as our first look at a game.


Oh, so conflicted. On the one hand, I’m so very, very hopeful for this, it’s been ages since there’s been a good zoo tycoon game. On the other Planet Coaster was a huge disappointment in that it had no interest at all in being a game, it was basically just a toybox for making pretty parks. The simulation aspects are severely lacking, and if the same thing happens here (which seems likely) that’ll be crushingly sad.


I am so psyched to play this.


After Planet Coaster and Jurassic World Evolution, I think I’ll pass on this. They’re fine as sandbox Lego playset applications, but their actual management systems suck.

That said, good on Frontier for finding a lucrative niche.


ED is not very deep either. OTOH, when developers set out to create a complex game, they run the risk of releasing an unbalanced/broken game in need of dozens of patches.


Sadly I feel the same, not interested, but it looks nice.


From the description in the announcement, it sounds very much in the Planet Coaster school of deep creation tools, shallow management layer. The branding points that way too, though I suppose there are IP issues around Zoo Tycoon.


I imagine that by “pre-rendered footage” they mean it’s an in-game trailer but with bespoke animations and scripting. Which is probably the best you can expect at this sort of time before release; it at least shows you how animals will look and how closely zoo design might conform to park creation in Jurassic World and Planet Coaster.

There is more info out there, but it’s naturally made solely of marketing at the moment.


Exactly. I’m so sad to not be able to be more excited about this, I want a good modern follow-up to Zoo Tycoon so very badly.


More info:

  • Simple transport rides, like kiddie trains
  • Weather
  • Traditional urban zoo decorations, buildings, etc
  • Wildlife park savanna decorations, buildings, etc.