Planetfall: going fishing, losing touch with reality, and watching sports

Title Planetfall: going fishing, losing touch with reality, and watching sports
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Game diaries
When March 26, 2021

Psi-Fish owned sectors are Abundant! Psi-Fish make more Demands! Psi-Fish start at War with you!

So said the intel briefing for Angelus, a planet supposedly lousy with psionic extradimensional fish…

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If they are not playing Aeroball in that stadium then that’s just a waste of a good stadium…


I recall, once, rolling a map that supposedly had psi fish dwellings, but whihc had none. It was some sort of conflict with the settings and the dwelling generator.

It was a map with lakes, and I see from your screenshots that you have several bodies of water, and the conflict was between generating the lakes and generating the psi fish dwelling.

Playable map, but there were no psi fish dwellings, and it was a map with the same victory condition.

Now this was one map, once, and I was never able to reproduce it. Makes me wonder if you have had this bad luck, getting the 1 in 1000 code conflict lol.

Dammit! Ragequit imminent?


So, prompted by your play-throughs, I fired up Planetfall again and had a similar planet. In my case I was supposed to destroy two Growth settlements:

  • In my game the the Growth faction was aggressive, so you start the map a war with them, which reveals one of their settlements. The settlement was on the far side of the map
  • I didn’t find the second Growth settlement until like turn 70, at which point I’d explored 90% of the map and was well on my way towards finishing one of the other victory objectives.

So your map might not be bugged, but the “Destroy 2 Settlements” goal is also not the promising short-cut that it might appear.

You know I actually fired it up as well and lo and behold there is some weird meta game now. I played a lot of this last year (last year?) but plan on figuring this new part out with the space paladin guys.

Galactic empires.

Using a two-dimensional map to catch psionic extradimensional fish seems like a case of going to war with the army you have, not the army you need.

I’m loving Galactic Empire mode. Are there any other 4x or RTS games with a similar mechanic?

Age of Empires 3 used to have something similar in the home cities - before getting rid of it for the multiplayer community.

“Void stroms”

Quite the return from self-exile! :)

Where was this?