Planetside and Teamspeak

I keep joining the TeamSpeak server that James was so gracious to put up and leave up for us, and nobody’s there. Then I hop on PlanetSide and half a dozen guys are blasting away.

C’mon guys, let’s give the voice thing a shot! Even if you have no headset, at least join the TeamSpeak server so you can hear everyone else.

Just make it a habit. Join the TS server before you fire up PlanetSide. Even if nobody else is on, stay connected and maybe people will show up. I’d hate to think that James was nice enough to put that server up and now none of us use it.

To get Teamspeak, go here. It’s free, it’s small, and it’s pretty user-friendly. Just adjust your voice-activation sensitivity in the options so you don’t broadcast constantly, and you’re all set.

The TS server James but up is at Password qt3.

Is there a trick to joining? I put in the ip as you listed and the password, but it says “error” and says I’ve got the wrong name or password. Help?

Hey guys. Sorry about the feedback on the server. I will get a new mic this weekend and that should take care of it.

Rob, I really don’t know much about the server software yet, but email or pm me f you want to troubleshoot sometime: [email protected]

It’s not for want of trying. I’ve tried to get the client through both of their links and gotten 404’d every time.

Found it mirrored here

Thanks ciparis. You rock.

Seriously, everyone get Teamspeak running. We used it tonight, and it works very well. Even if you don’t have a headset, you can at least listen in. It’s mostly clear, unless too many people are trying to talk at once. Then it can get garbled a bit. But it’s a huge improvement over typing.

Good game, BTW. It sort of slowed down in the end, when we were bopping between Thoth and Amun and Horus. We had some great battles earlier on, though, when TR was still fighting hard for the continent and we were at the player limit. I made BR10 and then halfway to BR11 tonight. Nice. :)

I did get on, simply a matter of toying around with it a bit and looking at the help. Its a terrific addition, especially if you enjoy listening to Jason Cross. Just kidding!! Great game tonight, made it to BR10 myself.

yeah, good time tonight. Cheers to any of you who rode shotgun during my drunken Vanguard attacks. I wish I could say that I’d do better sober :)

Haha… yeah well, I do get a bit chatty when it’s quiet, if for no other reason than to get new people to feel comfortable with the whole voice thing. That and, well, gotta do SOMETHING when walking halfway across the continent to a new base attack. ;)

Seriously though, I think we had about 6 or 7 people on TS last night and it was really a boon to the teamwork, I felt. we all did a good job of sticking together, using AMSes, pointing out turrets or MAXes to look out for, all of that. And we kicked some major booty! There wasn’t a fight we went to that we didn’t eventually prevail. It was a good night. Started at BR10 with no XP, and got 2/3 toward 11.

And Balut, some nice driving on the Enforcer. We racked up some great kills and cleared a lot of spitfire turrets and stuff.

A suggestion for Teamspeak - if you’re using voice activation mode, make sure you go into options and mess with it until moving your head and stuff doesn’t kick in the broadcasting, but talking does without cutting out. There’s a very handy “local test mode” to try it out in the Sound Input/Output Settings menu. For those with a boom mic (the little desktop stand kind) or using speakers instead of a headset, you’ll have to use push-to-talk.

James - is there a setting in the server for which codec it uses? There are different bitrates for different qualities, but messing around in the test menu it sounds to me like the “CELP Windows 5.2 kilobit” one really sounds better than the other low-bandwidth settings. Worth a try?

I found that push-to-talk seems to work better in general. You can map the talk button to your mouse (assuming you have a mouse button that you aren’t using for anything–I mapped it to one of the side buttons on my Intellimouse Explorer) and make it easy to use even in the middle of combat.

I was just reading the planetside forums, which are 98% balance discussions, and I wanted to warn everyone of a great Vanu trick someone mentioned, and I had first hand experience with. The Vanu Max can jump right? Well the smart vanu are doing more than just jumping for evasion. Last night from my vang we saw a vanu max in a tree, one of the really tall trees, right at the top. He was in the leaves, blasting away. Bellerophon blew him out of it, but it was lucky we noticed him (we happened to be on a hill looking right at him). So, when fighting the vanu, look up.

Also, I should add, from reading the forums, it appears I’m not the only thief. I’m going to start stealing cyclers and pulsars too, I like the variety.

Good tip Rob.

I had the TS up and working today, but our squad was too small (2 talkers, 1 listener, 1 non) to make use of it. Looking forward to trying it in a larger action, tho.

I had to be a listener because my mic was crap. I’ll pick something up better very soon becasue voice is the way to go.


I’m going to be on this afternoon. Right now, in fact.

I’ve seen that Vanu trick once before. Clever. Good use of their natural abilities, I’d say.

Oh, another nasty trick I saw last night pulled by the TR. They had a TR dual cycler Max going buck wild on us, and me and Perihelion in my Enforcer would kill it, and he’d reappear almost too quickly. We killed him about 3 times before I turned on Darklight and noticed a goddamned cloaked advanced medic reviving him.

So we kill the medic, and start to drive away, only to start getting shot by the SAME dual-cycler Max. We kill him AGAIN, and I drive around a bit, and notice ANOTHER cloaked medic.

Apparently, they had a little fireteam of a dual-cycler Max and two cloaked advanced medics. Any time one of them died, they were revived. What a pain to deal with, especially in the heat of battle.

Finally someone makes good use of advanced medic. Nice.

That valley of spitfires was pretty cool by the way.

There’s a setting for “codecs allowed” – I just have all of them allowed. I think the codec selection needs to be made in the client.

Yeah, that was a nasty trick with the advanced medics. We should try similar tricks. :twisted: My favorite memory of that evening: Balut “screaming” into the keyboard, “Just shoot straight ahead! SHOOOOT!” because he’d lined us up with the other cloaked medic (which I couldn’t see.)

Then there was the time I was gunning in someone’s Vanguard (was that you, James?) and we ended up in the bottom of a deep pit, with no way to drive it out. I’m not sure we could have even walked out of that mess; we would have had to recall to sanctuary and then HART back. But that proved to be completely unnecessary, as a helpful TR soldier noticed our predicament and graciously blew us both to Kingdom Come. Problem solved! :wink:

Apologies for my non-verbal state Saturday night. I had TS2 installed and could hear everybody fine, for the most part–but my microphone wasn’t working at all. The only thing I got out of it was a horrible noise whenever I moved the mic boom. I’ll have to find a new headset and try it again.