Planetside -- are you still playing?

I’m curious.

Yeah, I played for a few months (three, I think), but quit shortly after they announced the expansion. The game was excellent, but it just wasn’t being updated enough to justify $13 a month, plus the population was getting smaller and smaller. I’d have stayed for $5-7 a month, and I’d have stayed if there was lots of good free content going in.

It really is too bad–if Sony had managed this game better, I think it could have been huge, because they have a great concept and excellent technology there. Someone posted earlier about how Sony’s reputation as being this expert in MMO gaming is vastly overrated, and I agree–they came out with EQ, which was really just a right-thing-at-the-right-time sort of phenomenon (although I do give them massive props for pulling it off when they did). EQ was a runaway hit and cemented their reputation, but they really haven’t done much after that.

XPav, I think that’s you in that comic I posted :)

Hey man, I quit. I’ve been playing Puzzle Pirates and Bridge Construction Set recently, with some playing of Jedi Outcast.

I love it. The inference that Xpav might still be playing Planetside is taken as an insult. “Hey, man, I quit. Don’t lay that trip on me!”

That would be me in the comic strip. I’ve been away for 2 weeks on vacation, but I played last night. There were only 2 dots for population on Emerald, but I still got into a squad right away and participated in a good battle on Amerish.

I just finished reading CGW’s review of World of Warcraft, which was a big love-in. I’d play that today if I could. Of course, this is probably just a typical 15 month early preview of a game that will eventually be another pretty Everquest (with better crafting of course). Do I sound bitter?

Planetside is cool because you never have to ‘con a mob’.

Still playing every other night or so.

Adding up Thott’s statistics, one find the numbers of players in outfits that have logged in over the last few months.

Sunday July 20, 2003: 37437
Sunday July 27, 2003: 38174
Sunday August 3, 2003: 41870
Sunday August 10, 2003: 40326
Sunday August 17, 2003: 38169
Sunday August 24, 2003: 38431
Sunday August 31, 2003: 36073

Man! I can see the Deliverer and Skyguard being at the bottom, but the Sund and the buggies are getting hosed! The Sund was like my virtual mobile home away from home! And the Enforcer and Thresher are high quality products. Pity the lightning that gets in my way if I have a gunner. And I personally believe that the enforcer is the only Magmower-killer in the game. You can peg an enforcer to the tail of those suckers and whap, whap, whap, they’re toast!

Overall, the numbers look okay to me. A LOT of players are starting school up right now, so it isn’t surprising to see a dip.