Planetside - Detailed Weapon/Vehicle Stats?

Where can I find detailed stats on the weapons and vehicles, with current info? There are some outdated FAQs on Gamefaqs but I believe most of that info has changed with various patches. I’d really like to see actual numbers for hit point, damage, armor, etc. Just b/c I am a freak :).




Hmm I wasn’t able to find detailed stats on that site, just general information. I’m looking for specific info on hit points, dmg, etc.


Back in the beta days some posters had calculated all that out and posted the info, but it’s dynamic, as you note, and that info is probably 1) gone and 2) outdated. Someone may have been doing something similar for the live game but you’d probably have to root through the posts to find out. Good luck.

I found a fairly informative one at GameFAQ’s.

It’s last update was January 8th, so it’s not up-to date, but shows some interesting stats and gives you a feel for the way certain things, like armour, and AP ammo, work. Informative, if not totally outdated. :)

The section on armour types was most interesting (sorry, no vehicle stats, but lots of weapon vs. vehicle stats) and the stats for shotguns were nice, showing how the damage is calculated. Basically, damage is done on a per-pellet basis. sweeper fires 5 pellets, Jackhammer 8 pellets and scatterMAX fires 10 pellets, this is why the tighter spread on the scatterMAX is more effective at closer ranges. You land more of the pellets on a single target, and rack up massive damage with one shot. The drawback being the cyclic rate is slower, but on medium range setting, most scatterMAX users still get decent results against single targets.

The Vanu weapon stats are totally fuxxored though. From my time spent as vanu, I know that their weapons do damage over range, so at close range, the damage done is greater than it would be at longer range. these stats don’t seem to account for that. Also optimum range for each weapon is related as a scale value, from 1-5. 1 being close range, 5 being long range, but what is the ACTUAL effective range of a round from any weapon, given in meters? It doesn’t say.

sorry sharpe, thought you were just wanting the updated stuff thats not on the planetside site,

That FAQ has what I wanted for the weapons, but I’m curious about the vehicles and vehicle weapons.

Here are a couple of my specific questions: what is the damage on a Sunderer cannon? Is it the same as a Lightning?

How about the Flail - whats the dmg and hit points? Or the new Switchblade hovercycle?

The Skyguard? Hit Points, armor and damage for the AA gun?

I am still trying to finalize my pick of certs and it sort of depends on the usefulness of certain vehicles.


I don’t know about any of the vehicle stats. I’m sure Sony does, though :P

As far as vehicle weapons go, if you could find the stats for one weapon, say the 12mm chain gun, you’d have the stats for all the vehicles that use the 12mm. The Harasser and Mosquito are the first that come to mind. The rear gun on a galaxy is a 12mm as well. Same goes for the 75mm cannons. Find the stats out for that, and you’d have them for the sunderer and lightning. The problem with the stats for them though is that they’re hard to nail down. the explosive rounds do varying degrees of splash damage that the devs can tweak with each patch. Some weapons do enormous splash damage against air targets (Like burster/skyguard rounds) but less against ground vehicles, and very little against infantry. Also, the radius comes into play. An air vehicle at the edge of a flak bursts radius is damaged less than an air vehicle near the center of it. Stats for “big guns” are hard to find because alot of the damage done depends on a number of factors, like range (for the Vanu) and whether or not the hit was direct or splash damage. Lastly, to complicate things even MORE, vehicle ballistic rounds are neither AP nor AI. They do their damage across both spectrums, and depending on the type of target, will do more or less of each type of damage.

If you’re looking to finalize certs, then just go by what everyone else does…use your best judgement :P

What type of character were you looking at creating?