PlanetSide framerates?

Was wondering if any of you had tips for improving framerates in PlanetSide. I am on the low end of the system requirements (right at 1ghz, 512 ram, geforce 4 128 meg). Thursday night everything was really smooth, but Friday night there were many more people online playing, and the battles were taxing my machine to the point where I literally had 2 to 3 frames per second. If it got any slower I would have started calling the game PlanetSlide. I’m running at 1024x768 rez with all details at lowest, except draw distance is maxed, because I refuse to get sniped by people beyond my range of sight.

I guess I’m both curious about tweak suggestions, and also how well the game runs on your respective machines in those 100+ vs 100+ battles.

And I don’t think an FPS has sucked me in this much since the orignal Tribes. I predict a couple cases of the planetside flu this summer…


Going to 1 gigabyte of RAM should make a huge difference.


The game regularly ate up 3/4’s of a gig of RAM during beta and I hear it isn’t much better in retail. Great game but I never ever played anything that was as RAM-hungry as PS.

I think Dave is right Hump. The extra RAM will help you out. When I have PS running and check the Task Manager, PS is using close to 600 MB or memory and that’s before you add in all the crap that Windows runs in the background. I suspect you will be doing mucho page file swapping without that extra 512 MB of RAM.


It’s easy to see if RAM is the problem–when your framerate goes south, is the game hitting the hard drive? If so, more RAM will probably help. I have 1 GB, and I get good framerates with all the details cranked all the way up, at 1280x960, with 4x antialiasing on.

I get pretty good framrates even with 512MB. I get a major hit when first appearing in a new place, and the rate goes south in giant battles. I’m going to pick up an extra 512 just for this game, but I don’t need 1 gig to get PLAYABLE frame rates–I just want SMOOTH framerates. I definitely don’t drop to 2-3 FPS in big battles.

I have an Athlon 2000+ with a Radeon 9500 in it, and I play at 12 x 9 with medium detail and maximum draw.

I am also having some bad frame rates recently. Dunno if one of hte new patches did something, but last night it was near horrid. Running over a gig ram, 1.7 chip, and a 5200 128. And I do NOT have full etail on, run at med (went to low last night) in 1023x768. Any other advice out there?

You people suck. Now not only do I have to buy Planetside, I have to buy more RAM.


Actually I have a gig of memory, it was Lokust who asked for the advice, I was just reiterating Daves comment about the game being a RAM-hog ;)

remembering the days when the guy with 128mb’s of PC/100 seemed like overkill…


I guess I was hoping for more in the way of tweaks or something. My system is a pentium 3 and i plan on upgrading to a P4 or athlon soon which will necesitate new RAM. I am really not willing to purchase new ram when it will all be replaced in a few months anyway. :/

I just got a Radeon 9800 Pro 128 meg card and even I see the slow down in big battles, it’s pretty stupid. That one last night where we were holed up inside the tower and were being attacked by vanu and TR was intense and it got pretty choppy sometimes. I guess I’ll bite the bullet and get a gig of ram.