Planetside Improvements

Wow! Some fantastic changes coming up (though I’m still irked that they don’t include putting the XP system back to the superior one from beta, that’s listed in the manual).

Awesome! The facility bonuses are exactly the sort of concrete incentives needed to encourage people to defend bases. What a fantastic idea. In fact, most of that list sounds fantastic.

I’m a bit on the fence about increasing tower hack times and giving them an NTU silo, though. Since there are two to three times as many towers on any continent as there are bases, won’t this just triple or quadruple the amount of time people have to spend worrying about logistics? And without a corresponding XP award for taking towers, it’s going to become an even more thankless job than it is already. I also wish they’d add some incentive to use the bunkers outside of bases. Currently nobody uses them, because the only effect they have in game is to A) limit your field of fire and B) Box you up nicely so that enemy splash-damage weapons can kill you even faster. If they put a mounted chaingun in each–or heck, even medical and equipment terminals–there would actually be reason to defend fromt he bunkers. As it is, nobody ever uses them.

But overall, great stuff. Actually, YOZOR in the Planetside forums says it better than I ever could:


I have no idea what that means, but Yozor obviously feels very strongly about it.


The PS improvements sound awesome. I have got to get this houseguest out of my house so I can start playing again.

The facility link stuff sounds really good. Giving bonuses for having a base, rather than taking a base, is the right way to go. Is this “vehicle shield” (see Amp Station) thing new? I wonder how it will work–will it be visible, will the driver have a new shield meter, etc.

I love the idea of turrets being always-on. Base defense is already pretty difficult, so that’s a good bonus. The far-future possible improvements (force gates, locked back door) also sound good. Now you will really need a coordinated group to take a defended base, rather than being able to just zerg the thing. Also, the locked back door makes infiltrators more useful.

I semi-agree with Ben about towers. XP is going to become less and less important as the game goes on (I already don’t care about it that much), so taking a tower will be good because it makes it easier to take a base, which gives you some tangible benefit.

I love the fact that they’re improving advanced hack and (eventually) advanced medical, and command ranks (which are currently not that good beyond CR1). Woohoo!

Yeah, the more I think about it, the more I think the tower cap timer is a bad idea even with an XP award for taking the tower. I really think a small XP award for taking towers now would be a good idea, but I don’t think they need to make any changes to the way tower caps are handled. It works fine as-is. Towers are extremely easy to capture if they are undefended. Defended, they can be even tougher to take than bases, sometimes.

The problem with a cap timer is that the only workable strategy will be to camp the spawn room until the cap goes through. Otherwise you’d have a never-ending stream of enemies running up the stairs trying to cancel the hack. I like the current system where you can secure a tower quickly IF you can get to the CC. Defenders can already make that gruellingly difficult, so no need to change it.

Of course the patch text only says that they are considering that change, so it may not happen.

You could look at is as improving advanced hack I guess, but I see it coming at the expense of basic hacking… and terminals are the only reason I spent the three points. I’ll be untraining it tomorrow :p

Got BR14 and some nifty new gold armor last night. But I only get to see the back of it, except on the load screen. Is there a rotate-view button I missed while in third-person?

Agreed about the tower thing. I like them making the base less easy to grab, but I still think there needs to be incentive beyond being good strategy for people to do it… it’s pretty unrewarding already (being a strategic necessity doesn’t make it more appealing). One other random point: those towers lose their importance as a means of depriving spawnpoints during the hack once that defenders-can-spawn-while-hacked base change goes in, reducing incentive fairly dramatically. That’s a big change.

Has anyone been complaining about Strikers vs MAX units? Or yelling about sometimes losing the internal map graphics when spawning inside a base? I hate treasure-hunting for the exit… if I wanted to be trapped in an underground maze while being deprived of visual feedback, I’d play Zork. And what about the crippled map you get to stare at while waiting to respawn? Bad, bad, bad idea, Dave. Downtime is for socializing - preventing any form of chat for an extended respawn wait is punitive and an exceedingly bad design decision. And selecting an appropriate spawnpoint is pretty hard to do when you can’t even see what bases are under hack and need assistance; that’s just daffy.

I don’t see it as a huge change since each base gets one spawn point room. Blockade that room and all you’re changing to the hack is the number of people attackers kill before they can cross the room to the inv terms.

btw… did an update go through last night? What changed?

Yeah, a patch went through. TR MAX nerfs, vehicle que lines (didn’t get to test either but they’re supposed to be in there) and a new crash-to-desktop bug… which precipitated a quick patch this morning to tidy that up. I don’t recall what else was in it.

I think that’s one reason they’re making the change. Because towers won’t be so easy to defend when those respawn tubes can stop working because the tower ran out of juice.

I still think it’s a bad idea, the way it’s described now. Adding a 5-minute timer to tower captures is a bad idea, as so is having seperate power for them. It’s just going to make the oh-so-boring ANT run a far more common event. Now, if those ANTs went like twice as fast, that would be a start.

But still, if they want to stop the random capping of unsecured bases all over the continent, I think making them work like the bases is a better way to go. Just set it so that you can only capture towers that are associated with a linked base (a base you would be able to capture).

With the changes the way they have them described now (towers and spawn-in-hacked-bases), I see the game degenerating into a “run them out of power, capture, fill the power back up” game for every damn point on the map. And that can be fun as one viable tactic of many, but I have a fear that it will become “the way” to capture bases.

ANT runs… I don’t think I’ll be doing any more of those unless it’s just our squad at a base. It’s far too annoying to arrive after a long, unrewarding ANT-trip only to find another guy in an ANT just finishing. Talk about feeling like a sucker…

I dunno… after that heroic ANT run I did the other day–from Sanctuary to Searhus, crossing an entirely enemy-held and hot (the VS fighting the TR) Cyssor and then through TR lines on Searhus (they held all the territory around the warp gate) to our contested base at Tara–I’ll never say that ANT runs are always boring. Still, I’d rather not have to make them for towers as well as bases.

Ben I remember that, that sounded like an adventure I wasn’t sure you were going to make it through all of that enemy territory. :)

That battle eventually ended with us as an NC sandwich between the TR and VS. Even though we eventually lost we held both sides off for a long long time at that tower.

– Xaroc

I like the changes so far. The population numbers I think will really change the way conts fill up, but will there be more even distribution, or will there be 3 giant armies avoiding each other, I don’t know yet. The veh pad queing is just great. I’m looking forward to the assault bomber. I heard we picked an outfit logo. Could someone post a pic of it here on the forum?

My only issue with the vehicle pad so far was I got attacked in my reaver during autopilot by another reaver. By the time I got control I was already badly damaged and died pretty quickly.

– Xaroc

Things were super-unstable for me last night. Lots of lag and even my first CTD. Hopefully I was having a bad night network wise and it wasn’t a poertent of the changes.

I too got a CTD and more than normal lag but I fixed my lag by using the new high bandwidth command in the notes.

– Xaroc

I had a lockup where I could still see the screen and all the action, but couldn’t move. Xaroc was asking me to squad up, but I couldn’t reply, sorry. It seems like every new patch has a few kinks that eventually get worked out.

So it’s probably not my inability to spell “portent” that caused so much planetside pain last night.

Oh, and which notes mentions the high-bandwidth setting?

Latest patch notes, they are listed a few pages down. Not terribly intuative commands unfortunately.

– Xaroc

I’d probably screw it up if I tried to post a picture (plus Ty would call me an idiot again), but you can see the logo on our outfit’s My Planetside page. We can change it if people don’t like it, although I think it’s cool.

It’s difficult to determine exactly what it is supposed to be. It looks a bit like a fox, sitting sideways on a lawn chair, trying to put on a condom.

Good choice!