Planetside Improvements

Well, now I can’t even look at the logo anymore. Thanks a lot, Ben.

The condom fox, I like it.

Oh man, on the Outfit Leaderboard, there’s a Vanu Outfit called “Trogdor’s Burninators”.

I’ll have you know I had to wipe tears from my eyes after this.

Good job last night. This game is getting better as time goes on, because people become less concerned about XP and more about fighting. There was a great three-way battle for a tower last night. Very cool.

Re: Ben’s thoughts on bunkers, I think they’re going to be used more once the Liberator comes out. I was looking at the terrain last night, and there are very few places that you could defend a base courtyard without getting the crap bombed out of you if the enemy had a Liberator–the bunkers are by far the best option.

You know, “Fox Condom” sounds like the name of a comic book character. Imagine the possibilities…

My secondary character is Vanu named he’s on Emerald. My main character is an NC on Konried and belongs to one of the top ten outfits.

I love the Ultraviolence of the game…immortality sucks!


Anyway, uh, good game tonight, guys. That battle around Hosni was epic. I need more RAM. And I need to figure out how to be a better tank gunner. I can only imagine Bell’s frustration as he drives right up to an enemy Prowler, but I’ve got the gun facing 6 o’clock engaging a Marauder that’s not even really shooting at us.

Yeah, Solsar tonight was…hot hot hot. Not entirely in a good way, but hey, what’s excitement if not being sandwiched in a tower between Vanu and TR?

A Neutral Faction that drew on Public Pool weaponry would be interesting with the ability to be “hired” by Outfits who need extra punch using Outfit Points. And i’d love to see some water craft introduced.

I agree that an exit locator in the bases would be helpful, as well as a locator for when the base is being hacked. Basically an automatic base Waypoint system.

And I think Support service should be rewarded, if you’ve chosen to specialize as a Medic, Engineer or Combat Support Specialist (Medic/Engineer) their should be an XP award ala Enemy Territory every time you heal/repair someone.

Yeah, I think some kind of reward for being a good medic would be great, but that opens up a big exploit hole. Shoot a buddy in your squad (since you don’t get grief point for that) and then heal him up for XP. Maybe there’s a better way to do it.

I think the medic/engineer extra experience is implicit. If you keep a MAX fighting longer you it is bound to rack up extra kills which leads to more xp for you. Same with Medic. Bell revived me 4 or 5 times when I was in a MAX and I got a couple of extra kills that I probably wouldn’t have respawning and running back. So medics/engineers increase the xp gathered over time for them and everyone else in the squad.

– Xaroc

Yeah, that’s true, but it gives you no incentive to heal anyone outside of your squad and in the thick of it all, you’re bound to heal up any friendly who comes along. Well, it doesn’t really matter. Advancement is pretty fast and easy, so it’s not like I’m jonesing to reach a super high BR.

Grrrr. Where’s my shotgun.

Yeah, I agree with GregB. There are some definite XP inequities in this game–transport drivers, medics, engineers, and scouts all provide valuable assistance to a squad but get no XP of their own. Similarly, base and tower defenders, and tower capturers, get no XP beyond kill XP (which is dwarfed by base capture XP, making the defender / tower cap roles ineffective by comparison). All that said, though, XP is not that big an issue in this game the way it is in a MMORPG, so I don’t care that much. Weapon balance issues (which are very slight, IMO) are a big deal; XP balance is not.