Planetside: squad thoughts

We should establish some standard rules of engagement or the like when we’re starting a new attack on an installation or supporting an existing battle. It’ll make overall combat maneuvers much more fluid.

For example, my standard procedure as an Enforcer driver with a gunner is to get close enough to the battle to attack without getting surrounded; to this end, I’ll either do quick strafing runs past the battlezone or I’ll run some loose circles around enemy concentrations. If the combat is too intense for this, or I can find cover, I’ll try to park in a good area and let the gunner pick off targets from a much more stable firing position. When assaulting a base, I like to circle the base, then enter the courtyard and do a few laps around the courtyard picking off defenders.

Oh yeah, and I’ll make it a habit to slow down before getting too close to an installation so that the gunner can fire some shots to flush out any mines. ;p

Oh, and if I see a lone enemy soldier or MAX, I’m ramming him head on; if he survives, the gunner can finish the job.

Oh, and my favorite moment this night in battle was circling an enemy base on Hossin with my Enforcer and Jason gunning, and running away for some spot repairs. I park the buggy, get out to repair, and notice a cloaked field RIGHT next by. I wander in, figuring it’s a friendly AMS, and notice the red text all over the place!

I run back, yell out a quick “ENEMY AMS!!” on chat, then try to get into my Enforcer as fast as possible. Jason starts firing off rockets, we start getting ripped with enemy fire, and I gun the engine so we can escape, repair, and come back.

I park in a secluded area of swamp, fix up the buggy, and head back to finish off the AMS. Apparently the word got out on our side, and a nice scattering of troops, vehicles, and armor had converged on the enemy AMS in our absence. Jason fires off a few rounds, and the enemy spawn is toast.

What a great goddamned game.

You know what’s so funny about that? Rob O’Boston and I were driving by the same place and probably wouldn’t have noticed the AMS except that you had stirred up such a hornet’s nest that I noticed the TR guys cloaking in and out as they ran around the field. We opened up on the thing, and before you know it there’s NC guys all over the place stopping to help us out.

That fucking rocked.

Heh. Well, I hope I least provided some comic relief by jumping out of the RV thingy to try out my repair skills and then getting lost in the hills when y’all took off. :) Great game, though. And the teeamspeak server seemed to work, at least a couple of you were able to connect.

That AMS thing was great, because when you shouted “AMS!” I opened my map and dropped my wp on you. Then I drove the AMS directly to that spot and the gunners ripped into them. I got out and got blasted, but I think for the most part we slaughtered them. I thought the squad did a terrific job last night, even with some strange crashes by the server.

I learned some things about my Honda, er I mean Deliverer. Don’t go into the hills, although offroad is fine if its flat. Don’t drive too close to towers/doors for 2 reasons: mines and the twin guns can’t depress very far, meaning a lot of sneaky bastards get too close. I think 30 or 40 meters should be a good spot to park it. At half damage I should pull away and get healed (lots of mechanics last night - thanks guys!). Finally, always go water assault even if there is a bridge that is much faster :) .

Sorry I left you Mango. I got confused, being a bit tired at 1am. I couldn’t stop laughing at “Can you put the sky in a bottle? Such is Mango.” :lol:

One other thing: I saw the meanest bunch of terrans camping a spawn. Those red maxes are scary, and so are those WW I gas masks they wear. I think I’m gonna start stealing chainguns and stashing them in lockers, just so I can give’em payback in kind some time.

Bummed I missed out on the action last night, but hopefully I’ll be on tonight or tomorrow…

Driving tips:

when driving an Enforcer or Deliverer or something with gunners into battle, there are three things to remember:

  1. Keep moving - Sitting still can get you killed in a hurry. There are some rare “bombardment” moments from a distance when making the first approach on something very heavily manned (and taking out wall turrets), but for the most part it’s best not to sit there.

  2. Move like you’re the gunner - Take it easy on slope changes, remember that the gun doesn’t tilt downward at all, and don’t go real fast. The number keys cruise you at set % of max speed, so you can hit like the 6 key and cruise at 60% speed so it’s easier to shoot.

  3. Watch for mines - This is tough, because they’re really hard to see in the driver’s seat (especially if you drive in 3rd person like I do - press the T key). But there are almost always mines in a ring up close around a tower, and at the entrance to a courtyard in base. Generally if there are other friendlies swarming around already, it’s safe. If you’re at the front of an attack, you gotta hold back. Those mines will totally screw you up royally, but then again, that’s the point of them. :)

I’m gonna hop on solo a bit today maybe, and see if I can get some XP. I basically just want to pick up engineering (and then combat engineering).

I’ll second Jason’s recommendation for third-person driving, especially if you go off-road. It’s much easier to see where you are going and what’s around you (trees, for instance).

I find first-person a lot easier, at least in the open vehicles, because then you can use the mouse to look around. Driving the Harasser, I can’t see enemies to my left or right if I’m in third-person view.

That enemy AMS was a riot :)

I find myself going back and forth between 1st and 3rd person, depending on whether I need to guide it through some woods (3rd) or if I need to look around (1st).

Although the driving scheme is the same as GTA3 for the pc, the bigger vehicles are a pain to drive. They turn so poorly, and the speed controls are cumbersome, that I often bump into trees, run over oblivious people in the courtyard, etc. I’ll get used to it sooner or later. In the meantime, I wish I was cruising around in a Yakuza Sentinal.

Just joined up with the Qt3 outfit last night (as some know, since they were there), and ended up in a pretty cool firefight in a gun tower near the end. First time I’ve really seen Planetside in full-tilt action mode, I think.

Anyway, I need to record footage of Planetside for the review segment I’m producing, so I was wondering if any Qt3ers are able/willing to group up sometime on Monday and go kick some ass in the name of good television. :)


What time on Monday?

Ideally about noon to 2PM PST. Enough time to get in a few battles and show off the game a bit.


Great time last night. I spent much of the evening trying to keep wall turrets functional during tower defenses and repairing random people’s armor. Then I got to rack up some kills as Vanguard gunner with Bellerophon. The best part was when we started taking some missile fire from a ridge, went up to invesitgate and ran (literally) into an enemy AMS. Unfortunately, we got stuck on the incline and I couldn’t depress the gun far enough to get a shot at it so we ended up just ramming it.

Don’t know if I’ll be able to play tonight, but the TeamSpeak server is up @, password qt3.

I agree with you guys. Even though I do find it hard to leave a fighting zone and I should learn when to quit. And I’ve found that since i’ve gotten my gal i have to be where the sqaud is instead of going off on my own. Always a plus. Well see you guys in game.

Ideally about noon to 2PM PST. Enough time to get in a few battles and show off the game a bit.


Plans currently cancelled/postponed, as our top-of-the-line Falcon PC is running Planetside at about 5 fps. Troubleshooting ensues.


That has to suck the big one. I’ve always drooled over the Falcon/VoodooPC/Alienware PCs. To have one, but can’t use it to its true potential must be frustrating.