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Good job again this morning, folks. The QT3 outfit participated in three more base captures. Fun stuff, once we got organized. Many of us will be on tonight if folks want to hook up with the outfit.

I had a question about ammo. My understanding is that AP (yellow) ammo does lots of armor damage but less health damage, while standard (white) ammo is the opposite. Everyone has 100 health, but armor amount varies depending on the kind of armor you’re wearing. Vehicles have only armor, no health (and if they lose their armor they explode, killing the occupant). Thus, AP ammo is best against vehicles, and against heavily armored opponents like MAXes. It’s also best against machinery like mines, spitfire turrets, and wall turrets. Standard is best against light armor opponents such as Infil suits and Agile suits. Is that right?

Also, some medic stuff: it is way handy to have Jason healing us, but you really need to retreat well out of the firefight before getting healed. Neither of you can move (and Jason can’t even see) while the healing is going on. I got killed (and got Jason killed) quite a few times by asking for healing too close to the fight. Also remember that if you get revived, you come back with 0 armor and 0 stamina. So you need to be able to rest before you try to fight, and find an engineer if you can. Also, you don’t get any more ammo than what you had when you died, so watch that too (although you can loot ammo off of backpacks left by fallen players using the “interact” key).

Lastly, some hacking stuff: It’s worth carrying an REK (the hacking tool) even if you’re not a hacker. You don’t need hack certification to use it. Anyone can hack a door or control console with the REK. Doors are quick for anybody (but they only stay open a short time). CC’s are slow, but you can do it. It’s great for picking up undefended towers and so on. People with hacking or advanced hacking do all the same stuff, just significantly faster (and doors stay hacked longer). Hackers and advanced hackers can also hack stuff that regular people can’t, including equipment consoles, medical terminals, and even abandoned vehicles (at least I’ve heard they can “jack” vehicles; I’ve never seen it done).

Oh, one other thing: Ben sent me some info about what you can do with increased command ranks (handy, since I somehow ended up without a chair when the music stopped during our last base capture, and got a bunch of command xp again). Rather than linking and having people wade through the info, I’ll summarize by saying that it allows you to: (1) wear an increasingly gay uniform; and (2) pick up various abilities that are not even close to being within a stone’s throw of the same ballpark of the kickass abilities you get for gaining battle ranks.

See you folks tonight.

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You can jack vehicles with the Adv Hacker cert. If you want your squad carrying you on their shoulders, jack an enemy AMS – just make sure someone creates a distraction.

Okay, some PS tidbits:

  1. We need about two people in the outfit to pick up certs for driving two-man vehicles. Harasser is a good one, the Enforcer totally rules (that rocket launcher is awesome against vehicles and turrets and MAXes), or Lightning would be nice. I’m picking up Enforcer as soon as I can, but that’s 3 levels away. I love to gun in vehicles, so just yell if you need a gunner. :)

  2. Medic - picking up Medic is great, but Adv. Medic isn’t worth it. When someone dies in the field, it’s almost never safe to revive them without the medic getting killed as well. And by the time you MAKE it safe, that person could have respawned and have full ammo. So I dropped advanced medic.

But playing with a medic on the team is tremendously beneficial - ONLY if you make good use of him (me). It’s really hard to get into the mindset of retreating to cover when wounded, but you really need to. Learn the voice macro for medic (V - N - M) and use that. If I’m anywhere around (look for my number) I’ll come running. If you’re wounded, don’t feel like you can’t back off and run to the safe side of some barrier or tree to get healed. It really does save a LOT of respawning time and can make a HUGE difference.

Something they never tell people - any sort of movement at all cancels the healing entirely. You can shoot, but you have to stand perfectly still in order for the healing gun to work. So that’s kind of a pain, but please don’t like adjust yourself back and forth when there’s a guy with the med gun trying to top off your health. ;)

  1. Voice - the voice thing in the game is kinda borked. It looks like using push-to-talk is the way to go if we try it again, because only one person on the channel can talk at a time, CB-style (lame!). Boost your voice in and voice out levels a lot in the sound options. I suggest we get some sort of standard TeamSpeak or GameVoice or RogerWilco or whatever server set up and use that. Any Volunteers? Anyone got a rig where they can leave said voice server up all the time?

  2. I second carrying a REK - I’ve hacked lots of doors and a couple towers, and even one base. And I have no hacker skill. It’s very handy indeed. Especially when you’re one guy trying to sneak in the back door on a base.

  3. Ammo types - seems to me that regular ammo works best for all infantry, while Armor Piercing works best for MAXes, turrets, and vehicles. Of course if a MAX is almost out of armor then regular rounds would be best, but we hardly know their condition like that.

Vehicles - I have a harasser cert as does Rywill. When I gain a couple of cert points I’ll look at the Enforcer. We definiately need something against those MAXes as I don’t think many people in our outfit are specializing in heavy armor.

Weapons - You definately need something to take out MAXes. Currently I am using a Punisher but want to team that with a Jackhammer for heavier duty targets.

Armor - Currently wearing the agile exo-suit and working my way up to the reinforced exo-suit as I don’t want to give up too much mobility that comes with the MAX suits. I will alternate between reinforced and agile as you can’t drive wearing the reinforeced exo-suit.

Moving in the game - Galaxys are the way to go. Many thanks to Grisha (Greg) for flying us around the map.

I encourage all you guys (and gals) who haven’t tried the game to give it a whirl. The bigger the squads, the bigger the fun and the greater the chances of success.


I have Enforcer cert, and even without a gunner I’ve used it to run over many, many enemies, even MAXes. It has the most armor of all the buggies, and it’s cannon is as strong as a Tank’s (stronger than a Lightning as well).

Aside from that, I have Special Weapons, so I’m probably going to pack either a Thumper or Rocket Rifle usually now, and if I know I’m going to pretty much suicide against MAXes or heavy armor, I’ll go full load of Devastators.

Next time I get enough cert points I’ll go either Engineering or another vehicle.

I have my AV cert back again now. I specialize in MAX-killing. :)

We could still use a good hacker or a combat engineer, though, if anyone is so inclined.

The Lightning is one crewman only, so don’t take that for passenger capability. I like the Harasser (although I can’t drive it for crap–I need to get a joystick hooked up so I have some analog control for vehicles) because it’s only two certs. The Enforcer rocks if you’re willing to spend the extra point. If you want to do high-volume transport, take either the Galaxy (eight troops, two MAXes, and a vehicle with crew, I think) or Sunderer (I think six troops and two MAXes). I believe the Deliverer also carries multiple passengers.

David: You can drive any of the buggies (Harasser/Enforcer) or quads (Basilisk/Wraith) in Reinforced Armor, so don’t worry about that.

I agree voice would be huge. Do people have GameVoice? Grisha was running a dedicated chatroom tonight, but only he and I were in it. I’d be willing to go Roger Wilco, as well. CB comms seem not at all worth it. I guess you could say only the leader can talk except to call out warnings, but that seems dumb when we could just be on Roger Wilco or GV. You can alt-tab in and out of the game, so we could just tell people the IP when they log in, and then they could jump out and get in on the voice session.

We seem to have three weak areas right now:

(1) Anti-vehicle / Anti-MAX. Ben is a crack shot with that Phoenix, and Jason has become an Enforcer marksman, but it’s really not enough. I’m going to pick up the Jackhammer when I get one more point, and I hope it’s decent against MAXes. If the JH isn’t good against MAXes, I’ll nuke the cert and take Phoenix instead.

(2) Combat engineer. Anybody interested in that route? I think we have one (Galag? I don’t remember), but that’s it. It’d be pretty helpful.

(3) MAX. I think we have one person with a MAX cert. Seems like a waste, given that we usually tool around in a Galaxy. Although I can understand it, because I don’t relish the idea of playing a MAX either. shrug

Another good day today–lots of cool battles, although there was also some significant downtime. Now that people have a few ranks under their belts, our squad is getting pretty badass.

Perihelion is a combat engineer.

I’m thinking about picking up the game, but I have one question:

How is this game doing retail? Are the servers full? I’ve been hearing great stuff about Planetside so I’m thinking alot of people are playing.

They opened with two servers. At least one of them, Emerald (the initial East Coast US server), is so jammed that people are complaining about it constantly, starting over on new servers, etc. They opened a couple of additional servers, plus a European server, within a couple of days. The QT3’ers are playing on one of the second-wave servers, Johari. It isn’t too crowded IMO. The first couple of days it was actually a little under populated, although that is no longer the case. Right now I’d say it’s at a decent level, maybe a little underpopulated. It definitely has room to grow.

Gonna make a slightly negative comment even thought thats not the threads main line. I don’t know if the not ever being able to win is going to be fun over the long haul. All of the indavidual fighting can be fun but its annoying to take over a series of bases and maybe lock a continent then have find it taken back later on because you wern’t there. You don’t get anything for taking over allot of stuff either. I would like a way for one side to completely win, then just have a server reset and start over. Give a reason to take over bases besides the “because their there”, which is the only thing I can think of. At least have bases be locked for a period of time after capture so a side can know their safe, and they can go get aome sleep and know they won’t be gone when they wake back up.

Its still been fun, but I don’t think I’ll be playing several months from now paying $13 for it.

I can see what Jason is saying, but I’m not sure how it could be fixed. They are going to add the incentive of being able to do “Sanctuary strikes” if you lock the three continents surrounding a sanctuary. I don’t know how it’ll work, but it might help with the goals issue. I really don’t see how you could let one side “win,” especially since it’s a three-way war. For example, if the TR somehow “defeats” the Vanu, is the game over? Because otherwise all the Vanu players have to sit there doing nothing while the TR and NC guys fight to see who is the final victor.

To me, the lack of goals isn’t that big a deal. In fact, I think it’s better than most other FPSes. Taking over a base, for example, is a more lasting victory than you get for winning a game of BF1942–after the BF game ends, whatever you did is meaningless other than in your own memory. In PS, you win a base and it’s in your own memory, plus recorded in your stats, plus the base stays yours as long as you’re willing and able to defend it. Sure, eventually you leave the game and when you come back in everything’s changed, but everything gets reset between rounds of Counter-Strike or BF1942 as well–and much more often than stuff gets “reset” (changed) in PlanetSide.

In other words, I look at PS as a series of short goals rather than looking for a big “win the whole entire game” goal. We’re trying to take this base; we’re trying to lock this continent; whatever. Yesterday I signed on in the morning and NC had zero bases on Solsar. We fought the whole day and eventually locked the continent and moved on to Ceryishen. I killed the last TR guy in the last tower we needed to lock the continent. That was a bigger feeling of victory than any feeling I’ve had in BF or Blackhawk Down or any of the other multiplayer shooters.

People don’t seem concerned about the lack of ultimate goals in MMORPGs, but several seem concerned about PS. I wonder why that is? For example, in EQ, you might clear out Blackburrow or even kill Nagafen, but when you log back in the next day or the next week everything is just the way it was before you did anything. But nobody seems to mind that much.

As a reminder to anyone who is picking up the game in the near future, the QT3 outfit is playing on the Johari server, fighting for the New Conglomerate. Everyone is welcome to join us. (Remember, once you pick a side on a particular server you can’t change it; so if you want to play with us, you need to pick Johari/NC.)

I’m slowly learning some of the neat finer points of Planetside, and kicking a little butt in the process.

For starters, the Enforcer (the NC custom buggy with a rocket launcher on the back) totally 0wnz0rs all over the place. I mean, that gun ROCKS, it has a fast refire rate, 30 shots before reload, and the vehicle is fast and fairly durable. I was gunning in one a good amount today, and must have racked up 20 kills. But more importantly, one enforcer totally turned the tables on tower captures and base raids. We can run around a tower in one and easily take out several maxes, snipers, and put a big hurt on wall turrets. I’m picked up Enforcer certification in half a level when I have 3 points. If our crew can roll into a base or tower with two or three enforcers, we’ll clean up.

Tower capturing - man can that be hard! They don’t run out of power. I found a fun trick though. Once you get your foot in the door (vehicles are great for that), ready a stack of EMP grenades and toss them down into the spawn room with the 3-second fuse (the second firing mode, it turns out). You’ll disable those equipment terminals long enough to give the invading force the upper hand, and it’s a whole lot safer than trying to shoot them out.

Defense - turns out that you actually CAN get pretty good XP from negating a hack on one of the bases you own. I got over 1300 for one today. It works like capturing a base does: it looks at the 10 minutes or something prior to your re-hack, and counts the number of unique kills your squadmates witness in the sphere of influence around the base. In other words - the more fighting that goes on before you cancel an enemy hack, the more XP you get.

Everyone: on the server select screen, read the first news item from 4/30 (the archives button will let you select it). It explains how XP works. If we want to rack up XP, what we need to do is find like two hot spots and have like a couple squad memebers at both. It’s not enough to be there for the hack: you want to have squadmates witness as many unique kills as they can in the 20 minutes prior to and during the hack. It might be worth it, XP-wise, to send off a couple guys to some other hot spot where the rest of the squad isn’t fighting, just to see as much battle as possible before the hack. Just a thought.

I think many players will stick wth the game if SOE does monthly updates that add new content. That’s the key. If they don’t, or if the new content isn’t interesting, they’ll probably shed players after a few months.

What is the best way to join the outfit?

Well, I’m already itching to try out the new Bomber vehicle that’s eventually going to be released.