Planetside Teamspeak serverand minor organization issues

Since I am new and no one knows me, I will post all this crap :P

I have a Teamspeak server set up on my machine at work. It is high bandwidth connection and will be running close to 24/7. Everyone who has Teamspeak should try and use it when in Planetside.

I am not super-excited about posting the IP/Password here, so PM me with your PS alias or catch me ingame as Aerin and I will get it to you.

The only times it will normally be down are when my machine at works locks up/reboots.

Also create a Planetside channel on TS if you are the first one in as it gets used for other games too, and then everyone can join in. As we get further along, I will make it more organized.

The other thing - non TS related - If there is interest, I will set up a small board for those of us playing PS on my website so that we could post there instead of having either one giant, unmanageable thread here, or having way too many small threads here. :P

Post here if you have thoughts on whether or not you would like me to do this.

I dunno, I think the point is to keep the PS stuff here in the multiple threads. That’s why its called the “QT3” outfit and what not.

I agree with Xpav, I like reading the Daily Grind here on qt3.

edit: Thanks for setting up the ts server though!!

I’m with XPavx and Rob–I’ll be posting PS thoughts here on QT3. The TS server is great, though - thanks!

OK, coo… I’m new and didn’t know how the non-PS folks would feel about us posting all the PS stuff here.

I think keeping them here will be far superior for recruiting purposes and whatnot.

We recruit?

Hey can someone PM me the details for the TS server? I can’t find a pen to write down the info in game.

How is TS working for folks? It’s kind of hit-and-miss for me. Some people I can hear pretty clearly, but some are so muffled that I can’t make out what they’re saying at all. They sound like the teacher from Charline Brown, except screaming about Magriders coming over the ridge. Is there some setting I should change on my end? Or is this just people using low-bandwidth settings or having crappy mics on their end?

Yah, PM me the info too please. I generally can’t use my headset to talk for fear of waking up the 2 yr old and pregnant wife, but I can at least listen…

Well I just installed TS and found that the Turtle Beach Santa Cruz has severe echo problems.

So I reenabled my Nforce audio and are using that for mic input only. It seems to work, but sounds a little tinny. I seem to remember it being better. Oh well.

XPav, I use a Santa Cruz as well and found that the best way to minimize the echoing is to use the push-to-talk feature in TS if you weren’t using it already. The echoing is not so much something that you hear as it is something everyone else has to deal with.

Some people were cyrstal clear last night and other were a little bit shaky. It’s probably settings or hardware (what an astute observation on my part, heh).

I couldn’t connect. It was my first time using TS, so maybe I was doing something wrong. I put in the IP addr/port and the password but I just got a connection error every time. I’ll give it another try tonight, but if anyone has any ideas I’d appreciate 'em.

Did you set login to Anonymous?

Here is a screenshot of my settings on the connection screen. Please note that the IP:Port is not valid. If you need them, PM me or get them from me in Outfit chat in game. I added them so you could see how to enter the port setting in the field in case some are having problems with that.

Holy crap. I can’t connect so I tried to ping the server and I’m getting ping times of around 4,000 MS. Yes, three zeroes.

tracert says most of the delay is from the server itself (final hop). Strange.

It’s Aerin’s work rig. He may have rebooted or something and forgot to restart the server. I can’t connect either.

My connection started eating it around 4pm central today. If it is not better by the morning I will investigate furhter.

I actually haven’t been able to connect since the weekend, for whatever that’s worth. Although I know others were able to connect even when I wasn’t, so who knows?

I haven’t had a problem connecting til tonight. Thanks a bunch for setting it up. It’s been fun.


OK… Looks like eMule was getting a little surly… I throttled it back and the connnection seems to be better.

I can connect just fine now. :)

Thanks for setting this up for us, Austen, it’s added a lot to the game.