Planetside: The Grind Vol 2 (now with more gore!)

So we’ve had some good grinds lately, marked by better leadership and less “NC sandwich” than usual. Some highlights for me:

The Ride of the Champion Vanguard (3 volumes) - with me driving and Silverlight gunning, we’ve had several Vanguard runs lately where the Vanguard took a truly stupendous amount of damage but kept living. We’ve had 3 in particular where I used up two full loadouts of nano repairing the van. Since I carry a total of 9600 hit points worth of repair nano, that means we’ve had Vanguards that took 20,000+ points of damage. And we had some hefty kill ratios too. Now that I know how to drive the Van and Silver and I have become a good team, I truly appreciated the power of the Van. In a straight on fight we beat Prowlers and Magriders almost every time and we just munch on Lightnings. And MAXes. And infantry :0.

The Champion Ant Run - Last night I had an Ant on Solsar, during a nasty ghost-hack / back - hack fight with the VS. I ended up refueling 5 bases, using 2 full chargeups of ANT. During the fight my ANT took so much damage that I used up more than one full loadout of nano and most of a second. The ANT survived around 15,000 hit points in damage, which for an ANT is insane. Then I took the Champion ANT to the next continent (Amerish?) where the QT3 guys were. We were in a 3 way fight with VS and TR and I ended up doing some truly hairy ANT runs into defended bases. The ANT took another 10K or so damage but survived. I used up another two full ANT loads refueling 4 more bases. The Champion ANT actually got hacked at one point but I hacked him back. He met his end in the line of duty, refueling a Tech Plant, to an Orbital Strike. Hail the Champion ANT :).

I’ve finally gotten what I consider my “final” configuration on this character: Engineering, Light Scout, Armored Assault, Advanced Hacking, Air Support, and AA Max. I will upgrade the AA Max to AI Max at BR 17 and at BR 19 will go to UniMax. Its a good support/vehicle setup that lets me also do some fight. I have the lightning and liberator for soloing, the Lodestar and Galaxy for support, the Vanguard for main battles, and Maxes for fun, plus Advanced Hacking so I am never without access to vehicles. It works for me :).

I might make a second guy who will be a pure grunt and AMS driver.


One day I’ll return, and when I do, the streets will run red with blood. Let me clarify, strokers blood.

My third character is shaping up pretty nicely. He was originally supposed to be just a pilot, but that only takes ten certs and you’re basically done. :) So I diversified a bit - swapped out Engineering for Hacking, got Advanced Hack, and bought the AA Max. Now this character can do any flying mission, gen bomb missions, tower theft, long-distance backhacks and gen bombings, all sorts of stuff. :)

I recently (re)learned that you can resize the radar. So I switch my radar to 100 inside bases and courtyards, and then make it about twice the minimum size. (About 10% of the screen, but very worthwhile.)

I have to admit that the most fun I’ve had today was this:

Sitting in an interlinked base, using my MegaRadar™ to watch guys wander around the walls and come in. I would figure out where they are, then sneak up behind them and kill them. Seriously, I’d wait for guys to come down the stairs, watch them go through the faster doorway towards spawn, and shoot them in the back. :twisted: It was great. I got four Lasher spammers with a Suppressor of all things, then grabbed my MAX and killed four or five more. The only guys that really stymied me were cloakers, because I hadn’t hit BR12 yet and didn’t have room for Darklight.

The best part of all was being able to actually use one of the better suggestions for dealing with Lashernoobs…namely, waiting until they reload. I killed at least two guys with the Suppressor because I hid from their spam until they reloaded. :twisted: They’re so used to spamming to death that they probably didn’t even notice the lack of a telltale orange circle…

I’m sad to say I’ve cancelled my subscription (though happy to have played with you guys again, and glad to have finally gotten BR20 before quitting :P).

RL, once again, intervenes (and about damn time).

Speaking of Planetside

I have TWO pristine copies of Core Combat to give away. I picked them up for $9 each at Fry’s hoping I could make presents of them.

So, who wants a copy of CC? pm me with a mailing address. I know Grish wanted one, but I couldn’t get his address the other night.

You might only need to e-mail the CD key. When I bought my copy of CC from Sony direct, I only got a CD key. I then upgraded my account through the Launcher app’s interfaces, and the game downloaded Core Combat on its own as part of the update process.