Planetside: Total Global Domination

While most of you were asleep, Trey and I conquered the entire world in the name the Vanu. Perhaps it’s not fair to take all the credit for ourselves. After all, bugmiller was directing things, so we had some help. I think it’s the first time it’s ever been done. The last base fell at Solsar.

Here is a pic of us celebrating afterwards:

Click this link to view the final population results at the conclusion of this historic event (warning, unresized 1600x1200 screenshot to preserve text)

Hmm, it was done quite regularly on all the servers when they added the broadcast warpgates. Wasn’t much fun for everyone else at the time, as I recall.

Yeah, this was a regular event. In fact, I remember that on Markov, about every two days or so one faction would come within five to eight bases of holding the entire world.

You also had more than 50% of the population on the server. :P

In the warpgate era, especially in the post-Thunderer, fairweather NC era, that’s very very impressive. Good work guys :).

One of the interesting and sometimes frustrating things about PS is how dependant on good CR5s the game can be. Some nights as Vanu our CR5s say nothing or they argue and the whole team is disorganized. Some other nights they get it together and we function so smoothly its amazing. We have several good ones: Speah, Rahl, a few other off the top of my head. But the best is bugmiller. He’s the man.