Plants vs Zombies 2 isn't just a great game; it's a long overdue revolution


The (unfair) narrative about Star Wars: Battlefront is that it’s a multiplayer-only shooter, like the Battlefield series by the same developer. Which is news to me. I’ve played plenty of single-player and plenty of local splitscreen with a friend. One of the hooks for me is that when I beat a map on the hard difficulty setting, I’m no longer limited to the designated loadouts. Now I can bring in whatever equipment I want to help me beat it on expert. Here I come with my choice of thermal detonators, jump packs, personal shields, and bowcasters. It’s a great incentive to play the higher difficulty levels and a perfectly cromulent single-player and splitscreen pursuit.

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There is a typo of "grime" instead of "grind" but I wouldn't change it.


This sounds wonderful.


dang, i completely forgot about all the fun i used to have on private servers doing wacky things with friends. i'm glad it's slowly making a comeback in some form


Uh, you changed "grime" to "grimd"


I appreciated that Rainbow Six Siege doesn't have a real progression system.


Doesn't it still make you unlock classes?


Honestly, this does sound like fun, even for a solo gamer. But probably not for the $60 they're asking. I guess I'll keep my eyes open for deals.


Yeah, but that takes seriously NO time. It's not a slow drip to keep you playing, and the game isn't designed around it. Plus you can get the points for that from solo training missions, multiplayer, or multiplayer vs. bots.


My boy is playing this on the Xbox and says it's the best game he has ever played. Granted, he is 9. But it looks like a lot of fun.


Time for the other shooters to wake up and smell the roses (sorry).


Evolve also allowed offline progression, by the way. That, too, was a big AAA release...


Hey, you guys


I think the first game that did this was Borderlands. In borderlands you are not a slave of leveling. Leveling is easy and you can find a awesome weapon anywhere. The first borderlands did this at a time where people where tryiing to figure out how to encrypt savegames to stop hackers, or when other games where forcing people to make a offline and a online character, withouth the ability for the offline character to play online. It was a revolution. Then something horrible happened: Nobody paid attention to that, they just dropped the offline character thing, the offline playing thing, they took the online character and run with it. And is where we are now. :(


I saw some other coverage of this game, but they made no mention of how accommodating this game was in terms of its single player rewards. Pretty cool how different folks can value different aspects of the same game.

"it still cost the same to [plant] seeds"
"singleplay[er] multiplayer"
"a singleplayer multiplayer games [sic]"
"the one rare instances [sic]"


Once again, thanks so much for the corrections, Merc. You rock!


Wish I could play local split screen with my son on our PC :( That would have been fun. Guess that feature is relegated to consoles.


> Alongside the usual online options, it will let you do whatever you want, however you want, with whomever you want

Same with 3D GayVilla. Try it.


I'll never understand why these games aren't more popular. It's a damned shame.


Arise thread!

So this is on sale:

But it has three editions.

I have some questions:

  1. How fun is it single player?
  2. How replayable is it?
  3. Which version should I get?