Plasma burn in & gaming

been going crazy in saints row 2, logging in about 40 hours on my new plasma. i didn’t remember the “first 200 hours rule” so the minimap outline etched into the screen. i stopped playing and watched normal tv programming and ran the tv’s burn-in scrolling black/white fader fixer to fix it. can still see it if i shove my face a few inches from the screen and have a pure white background, but i consider it as good as fixed now. looks like it will disappear if i run the fader a few more hours.

while playing, i was constantly switching from the main screen to the big map/options/save/dressup/activities/help menus but that wasn’t enough. what’s the best way to stop burn in while playing games? limit myself to an hour at a time? two hours? switching to an lcd or a different tv in the house isn’t really an option.

You probably don’t have real burn-in, just some image retention that will totally fade over time. You can try turning the contrast down on the set to the lowest acceptable level to reduce image retention, but mostly you’ll have to learn to live with some amount of image retention from time to time if you want to game on a plasma. But, yeah, try to avoid playing the same game for 40 hours in a row or whatever.

It will get a lot better, it’s just the first 200 hours that’s so scary. After that the phosphors settle down a bit, not burning quite so bright. At this point I am convinced that even extremely unhealthy levels of repetitive gaming are not going to cause permanent burn in. 40 hours? That’s nothing.

Just hold back till you clear around 200+ hours. Watch some movies (sans letter boxing), run the burn in CD, whatever.