Plastic is gonna kill us all

I just read a sci-fi book (Hyperion) where a character is surprised to learn that an existing civilization was still petroleum based, and the response was that it wasn’t needed as a fuel, it was needed to make plastic products.

This story is just plain sad. Reading things like this really remind me of just how much plastic we use in our household and honestly don’t really have an alternative for a whole lot of it. I realize sachets are a different problem, but the overall use of plastic and alternatives still apply. I don’t see this having an easy solution for any company, much less Unilever.

There are just so many products using plastic, I honestly don’t think it will ever stop. We’d be better off finding a way to reuse more plastics, or break them down in a better way without further affecting the environment.

It’s basically impossible to cut out plastics because every product is based around using shitloads of the stuff.

In some cases an easy (or good) packaging alternative doesn’t really exist.

Packaging is one thing, then you know it’s plastic. I have a big problem with “hidden” plastics, like Micro beads in toothpaste, shampoo and a lot of other household products.

I stopped eating chewing gum when I found out it’s mostly single use plastic you are chewing and most of it ends up in the environment.

Anthropocene in full swing.