Play by e-mail Strategy Games

I’ve been looking for a PBeM strategy game that’s easily set up between two to three total players, easy to get into, but rewarding. It would be nice if it was free or cheap.

Background, a buddy of mine grew up playing boardgames together, but live far away from each other, and schedules don’t allow for getting together on-line to play anything against each other. A PBeM game might allow us to play but I’m having trouble finding a game out there that allows for e-mail play, or even a reliable listing of games that could fit the bill.

If anything I figured Qt3 could help…

The first two that come to mind are Civ IV and MOO2. However, these are not free. On the other hand, they are both excellent games.

None of these are free, but most of them are pretty inexpensive at this point:

Age of Wonders: Shadow Magic
Civilization 4 (or if you want something cheaper, Civ 3: Conquests)
Alpha Centauri
Laser Squad Nemesis
Combat Mission series
Dominions 2
Strategic Command series
Steel Panthers series (actually, these might be free)
Master of Orion 2

I think some of the Warlords games also had PBEM modes, but I can’t remember if any of the HOMM games did.

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Operational Art of War is not free, but cheap, and not really easy to get into, but it’s one of the best turn-based strategy games I’ve ever played.

REVERSO RAY OF EDIT: Turn-based, dammit! Turn-based!

Emporer of the Fading Suns
A classic that is better played by PBEM.

I tried a little laser squad nemesis awhile back, and I really can’t get into pbem games. For one thing the guy who I got to play with, never responded to me so my game was over in one turn. Also I rather play and finsh a match in one sittting then coming back and forth to play it.

I just have a problem with a subscription-based PBEM game (to get the real deal).

Pimp mode On:

Empire Deluxe

Well… You could, as a few of my friends do, get a room that is secluded that only you or a close friend that you trust go into, and set up a risk board. Get a time where you can both be on, set it up, and then use E-mail every day to state your moves.

Thats fun, I’ve done it a few times.

ALso, try the game Diplomacy, which is also a board game. Its hard… trust me.

Diplomacy is awesome and would fit the bill, but it requires seven people to play (which is often the hardest part of getting a game going).

I wouldn’t mind getting a qt3 diplo game started, as an aside. I haven’t played in years.

Also, check out this PBEM Blood Bowl client. Blood Bowl may be some of the most fun you can have between two people sitting on opposite sides of a table, and though the interface is meh, the gameplay is still there.

I couldn’t really get into it, but it looked perfect for PBEM and Chick likes it, War: Age of Imperialism.

Well, you can play Diplo with only 5 or 6, but it usually ends with a mass rapage against the Italy/Germany player. I haven’t played it in almost a year, but one of the teachers at my school likes it, so he lets us play there, where we have Giant Projection screen Tv’s, and easily accessed table with lots of available players.

It helps to be good at History!

I had a good time with Gary Grigsby’s World at War as a PBEM game.

Thanks all. I’ll try out a couple and see which will fit the bill the best. Much appreciated.