Play by Forum: Hexplore It - The Sands of Shurax

I’ll also work as an entertainer here :)

I believe that will bring me to 15 gold total

I’m in to contribute to buying a Dust Skimmer (10 gold remaining). I’d like to buy a Survival Kit (4 gold remaining). I also think I want a Territory Map to help stave off the Ravager advancing another Phase (1 gold left).

If the group wants to start harvesting Ravager Crystals, I’ll spend the 6 gold on Extraction Tools rather than the Survival Kit, but that would be a huge investment for most folks (11 total between Skimmers and Tools!), so I would understand if we wanna wait till the next time we’re in town.

Where is this item?

If Chiminy is pitching in for the skimmmer, I’ll use the 5g that frees up to purchase a Sphinx Blood Booster and a Poultice.

There are items in the expansion rulebook, pages 14-16. Bazaar items on 14, Nemsynet on 16.

One of my criticisms of these games is that the expansions tend to add a bunch of mechanics that aren’t referenced anywhere outside of the expansion rulebook and it’s easy to miss/forget about them.

Ah ok, thanks. Those don’t change my shopping choices.

I looked at the rules for Scarabs, then my head exploded.

It’s not bad. You roll three 4-sided dice each round, 2 of which are orange. If any orange die rolls a hex (because that’s Nemsynet’s house number) you get a strike. 3 strikes and you lose all bets on the table.

  • The Oasis costs 10 to enter and pays out after 4 or more rolls. (Chance of surviving 4 rounds is slightly less than 40%. But since it pays out 2.5:1 after 4 rounds, this is actually a good bet where you could beat the house.)
  • The Dunes are just like a craps bet on a number. You can let your bet ride as long as you don’t strike out. It pays 1:1 if the sum of the dice matches your number. No odds, which means I’m not sure why you wouldn’t always bet 7 or 8. If strikeout wasn’t a possibility, this would be better than even odds after 4 rolls. With strikeout, it’s an awful bet.
  • The Peaks is only on a single roll and pays out 10:1 if you get triples (which is a terrible bet with odds 16:1 against.)
  • You also get 5 gold if you roll a 4 or an 11 on any roll. Chance of this on any particular roll is about 9%.
  • And you double your winnings if you win with a hex on the black die.
  • You can also bet on the outcome of an arena fight.

Long story short, this looks like a fool’s game, except for the oasis and maybe the arena, but I don’t know enough about how the arena works to know how predictable it is.

You triple your winnings on the black die in Nemsynet. And there are Weighted Dice. :)

That’s true. And that makes the Oasis actually a really good bet, with a chance of 2.5:1 payout in the 60% range. And that’s not counting the 25% chance of tripling the payout. (25% chance of getting caught cheating too, though you do get to keep your winnings, minus bribe, hide, or mugging.)

I thiiink we’re just waiting on @Thraeg’s decision as to City-State action and shopping list if any.

PS: I’m going to be covering for a coworker for a couple weeks here so while I really shouldn’t be posting turn stuff while I’m working anyway, I am probably going to actually stop doing so for that duration due to the increased workload. :P

Just pinging @Thraeg. Are you still with us?

Whoops, sorry. Had started to dig through the rules to figure out what I can do, but got sidetracked. Will figure it out as soon as possible.

Any specific questions? or just need to study the item lists? :)

Sorry for the delay. I’ll work as an entertainer to get the 12 gold, which I think brings me up to 22.

Then I’ll go ahead and chip in my share for the Dust Skimmer (17 remaining), a Survival Kit (11 remaining), a Loaded Dice (3 remaining), and an Ironscale Potion (0), so it doesn’t matter if I get robbed.

BTW, I didn’t take any damage in the pangolin fight, right? So I think that triggers my trait to level up?

Your trait specifies you need to end the combat with full health. I don’t believe you had healed from the previous fight before or during the Pangolin fight, although I don’t remember for certain. So you wouldn’t have ended it with full health. The full heal happened when y’all saw the eagle.

Ah ok thanks

Sounds like everyone is choosing the Employ action. Cheya and Orion get 11 gold each and earn 2 platinum total for the group’s coffers. Akbar and Chimminy get 5 gold each. That puts Cheya at 17, Akbar at 11, Orion at 21, and Chimminy at 15.
Move reputation towards Nemsynet by 1?

Individual purchases:
Cheya: Hypersense Tonic (2g), Poultice (1g), Sphinx Blood Booster (4g), leaving 10g.
Akbar: Survival Kit (6g), 2 Spell Components (4g), 2 Poultices (2g), leaving you short by 1g. Drop a Poultice? Or drop a Spell Component and go up to 3 Poultices, maybe? @Ormus
Orion: Survival Kit (6g), Weighted Dice (8g), Ironscale Potion (3g), leaving 4g.
Chimminy: Survival Kit (6g), Territory Map (3g), leaving 6g.

Group purchases:
Dust Skimmer (20g).

I think that just about works if Ormus adjusts slightly, leaving y’all completely broke but with goodies. I will update your inventories accordingly when that’s all confirmed.

Ravager Phase
For the second emergence, we roll a Hex die to see what direction the Ravager chooses based on the Wander diagram. 5 was NW. Then a Pyramid die to see which of the four nodes: 2.

(The Hex token is the Mission site you completed, I forgot to place that previously. Each Mission site can only be used to complete one Mission.)

Turn 6
Movement Phase
Do you want to stay here and spend another turn in the sinful delights of Nemsynet? or do you wish to move Cautiously, Normally, or Recklessly, and where to? Initiating a Caravan Journey from Nemsynet itself will cost 16 gold, which you could certainly earn by working (or perhaps competing in the Arena) but do not presently have. A reminder as to what the quadrant looks like:

You are also in range (especially with your Skimmer) of the Caravansary, a Highland Mission Site, and a Desert Mission Site, or the edge to explore into a Hex Tile (there are 3, and they’re bigger than the HOTtiles, one of which includes the Black Pyramid in the expansion).

I vote no on this. It would be nice not to have a corrupt reputation when we get to Phorora

And I vote we go to the desert mission spot and do the Explore mission, which will also let us play a couple of hex tiles.

I’d like to get back out to the desert asap; we should get more Waste tiles out to keep the Ravager busy. I don’t THINK tiles out here on the city state quadrants, but please correct me if I’m wrong on that.

I’m okay if we seek travel money via missions or further employment tbh.

Also I’ll gladly donate a gold to cover Akbar’s last item.

Moving your reputation towards Nemsynet will move you horizontally left, which will not make you any more corrupt.

He’ll start popping out to the Quadrants if you’re there starting in Act 2, but the quadrant stuff/Hex Tiles is not relevant to checking for act 2 to start. Which it will in 2 turns if you don’t put out any more HOTtiles.

The party, in total, is short one gold with the above shopping list. Something has to get dropped.