Play by Forum: Hexplore It - The Sands of Shurax

You triple your winnings on the black die in Nemsynet. And there are Weighted Dice. :)

That’s true. And that makes the Oasis actually a really good bet, with a chance of 2.5:1 payout in the 60% range. And that’s not counting the 25% chance of tripling the payout. (25% chance of getting caught cheating too, though you do get to keep your winnings, minus bribe, hide, or mugging.)

I thiiink we’re just waiting on @Thraeg’s decision as to City-State action and shopping list if any.

PS: I’m going to be covering for a coworker for a couple weeks here so while I really shouldn’t be posting turn stuff while I’m working anyway, I am probably going to actually stop doing so for that duration due to the increased workload. :P

Just pinging @Thraeg. Are you still with us?

Whoops, sorry. Had started to dig through the rules to figure out what I can do, but got sidetracked. Will figure it out as soon as possible.

Any specific questions? or just need to study the item lists? :)

Sorry for the delay. I’ll work as an entertainer to get the 12 gold, which I think brings me up to 22.

Then I’ll go ahead and chip in my share for the Dust Skimmer (17 remaining), a Survival Kit (11 remaining), a Loaded Dice (3 remaining), and an Ironscale Potion (0), so it doesn’t matter if I get robbed.

BTW, I didn’t take any damage in the pangolin fight, right? So I think that triggers my trait to level up?

Your trait specifies you need to end the combat with full health. I don’t believe you had healed from the previous fight before or during the Pangolin fight, although I don’t remember for certain. So you wouldn’t have ended it with full health. The full heal happened when y’all saw the eagle.

Ah ok thanks

Sounds like everyone is choosing the Employ action. Cheya and Orion get 11 gold each and earn 2 platinum total for the group’s coffers. Akbar and Chimminy get 5 gold each. That puts Cheya at 17, Akbar at 11, Orion at 21, and Chimminy at 15.
Move reputation towards Nemsynet by 1?

Individual purchases:
Cheya: Hypersense Tonic (2g), Poultice (1g), Sphinx Blood Booster (4g), leaving 10g.
Akbar: Survival Kit (6g), 2 Spell Components (4g), 2 Poultices (2g), leaving you short by 1g. Drop a Poultice? Or drop a Spell Component and go up to 3 Poultices, maybe? @Ormus
Orion: Survival Kit (6g), Weighted Dice (8g), Ironscale Potion (3g), leaving 4g.
Chimminy: Survival Kit (6g), Territory Map (3g), leaving 6g.

Group purchases:
Dust Skimmer (20g).

I think that just about works if Ormus adjusts slightly, leaving y’all completely broke but with goodies. I will update your inventories accordingly when that’s all confirmed.

Ravager Phase
For the second emergence, we roll a Hex die to see what direction the Ravager chooses based on the Wander diagram. 5 was NW. Then a Pyramid die to see which of the four nodes: 2.

(The Hex token is the Mission site you completed, I forgot to place that previously. Each Mission site can only be used to complete one Mission.)

Turn 6
Movement Phase
Do you want to stay here and spend another turn in the sinful delights of Nemsynet? or do you wish to move Cautiously, Normally, or Recklessly, and where to? Initiating a Caravan Journey from Nemsynet itself will cost 16 gold, which you could certainly earn by working (or perhaps competing in the Arena) but do not presently have. A reminder as to what the quadrant looks like:

You are also in range (especially with your Skimmer) of the Caravansary, a Highland Mission Site, and a Desert Mission Site, or the edge to explore into a Hex Tile (there are 3, and they’re bigger than the HOTtiles, one of which includes the Black Pyramid in the expansion).

I vote no on this. It would be nice not to have a corrupt reputation when we get to Phorora

And I vote we go to the desert mission spot and do the Explore mission, which will also let us play a couple of hex tiles.

I’d like to get back out to the desert asap; we should get more Waste tiles out to keep the Ravager busy. I don’t THINK tiles out here on the city state quadrants, but please correct me if I’m wrong on that.

I’m okay if we seek travel money via missions or further employment tbh.

Also I’ll gladly donate a gold to cover Akbar’s last item.

Moving your reputation towards Nemsynet will move you horizontally left, which will not make you any more corrupt.

He’ll start popping out to the Quadrants if you’re there starting in Act 2, but the quadrant stuff/Hex Tiles is not relevant to checking for act 2 to start. Which it will in 2 turns if you don’t put out any more HOTtiles.

The party, in total, is short one gold with the above shopping list. Something has to get dropped.

Oops, gotcha, thanks!

Sorry I thought incorrectly I got the bonus from entertaining. I will drop a poultice. We could get that Highlands mission done perhaps while we are in range, then go to the desert.

Oh right, I thought corrupt was the top left. I think it’s probably worth it to gain some rebelliousness then.

To do either the Survival mission or the Explore one requires moving normally, and we suck at navigation. And then we have to move normally again to either return to town or get to the caravan. I suggested the Explore one because we’d get to place a hex tile with that one, but maybe better to head back to the wastes. (Particularly since the Explore mission requires 2 successes and we’re even worse at exploring than navigating.) If we entertain for another turn, the group will earn 5+5+11+11=32 more gold and 2 more platinum, which would be more than enough to pay for a caravan. We’d also be able to pool our platinum and buy a Refilling Waterskin, which might be nice.

You’d get to place a Hex tile either way, both mission locations are on the edge of the quadrant. Might get a little awkward to fit but I’ll figure something out.

And the Platinum is a group thing so it’s already pooled.

Updated sheets to reflect purchases. Sounds like we’re not at a consensus on movement so holding off on that. I will say that I do think quadrant travel is currently a bit risky timewise. You might want to consider the Arena or Schooling and Sparring for people who aren’t getting the role bonus on Employ. The rules don’t seem to be super clear on timing but I think you can choose which order to do the City-State Actions in (usually that’s the case in these matters) and if that’s the case you could use spare gold with the rep discount to get some Explore ups for mission purposes and overall gold generation. And the Arena, while risky, could potentially earn more gold than Employ for non-Role-bonus characters and will compound benefits the more you do it. (Each hero gets the listed rewards, although the Fame is group-wide.) That said, totally debatable whether those things are better choices than getting a guaranteed flat payout and/or spending those funds on additional group benefits. (Can vouch for the Waterskin being very nice for saving food and getting a regular top-up on Energy, especially in a group with a Fairy.)

Edit: The time pressure is having HOTtiles out. One Territory Map usage will buy you another full Ravager cycle before you need to have more out to avoid Act II. I think you could reasonably have gold for more by then. If that’s the approach you want to take. Or stick in town and buy them with working gold, or…

I will use my Territory Map to go ahead and place a HOTtile, then – buy us some time. This is regardless of what other actions we end up taking this turn.

I do think a split Employ/other options choice would be wise. I’m not sure if I see us earning much gold in the Arena? Minimum 3 Feats required if one hero enters, 4 if two. Average of 4.5 starting payout (Fame + average of the Event possibilities). Most likely gonna require 2 rounds, minimum, to get out, more likely 3, 4 with bad luck. 3d10 is 12+ 80%+ of the time, which is gonna shave off 1-5 gold each time we roll higher. Maybe we get crazy lucky and finish in two rounds, with one +1 reward and -1 reward event each. That’s still ~9 gold, and again, assumes a pretty high degree of luck.

I realize it might be profitable in the long run to build up our Fame, and if all 4 of us pool in there once our Stats are a little higher, things look much better, but I think if it’s me and Akbar (abysmal Skills, good Abilities, at least one good Vital each), odds aren’t in our favor.

Proposal: Cheya and Orion work for their substantial income (22 gold, 4 Platinum total). One of Chimminy and Akbar shops, the other schools/spars. Both of us use gold provided by kindly, loving, high-earning allies. We can snag the Refilling Waterskin (1 Platinum remaining) for sure.

We should save 1216 gold for a Caravan Journey, either immediately if we want to go back to the Wastes now, or when we return to a City State from performing Missions out here in the Quadrants area. The downside of not buying one this turn, is that it will necessitate spending another full turn in a City-State (so someone can take the Shopping action and buy a Caravan Journey then), or spending a turn or two meandering over to the Caravanserai and hoping it’s heading into the Wastes >.>

Anyway, long story short, if we opt not to buy the caravan journey immediately, we might wanna consider buying another Territory Map (3 gold) or two with some of the earnings. Ideally the non-shopper goes and trains up Explore at least once (pay for Gear Upgrades with the -1 friendly city state discount). There’s 106 gold to play with, overall, before dipping below 16.

Ugh, sorry, this post feels very quarter-backy. Truth be told there’s multiple reasonable paths forward including just launching into the quadrant for awhile to do quests, but if we wanna stay in town another turn, the above is at least what I’d recommend.