"Play" magazine -- home of hyperbole?

“For the uninitiated, Lupin is the template from which Bond, Indiana Jones, and anything that vaguely resembles any amalgamation thereof were conceived; everybody copied Lupin.”

I saw a copy of this game / anime magazine on the stands I hadn’t seen before, called “Play.” Picked it up since I liked the graphic design and it had a lot of screenshots of Sega games I hadn’t seen before, etc. Started reading an article on “Lupin,” the Japanese anime character, and the above quote is how it began. Are these guys morons? Anybody find any good articles in this rag?

play is managed and largely screed in entirety by Dave Halverson of Gamefan/Gamer’s Republic infamy. He gets points for his unabashed enthusiasm for the hobby, but his writing ability and childish hyperbole really wear me thin. It’s all very unprofessional, and almost embarrasing to read.

It’s largely a nonsensical rag, and the anime reviews are really nothing more than a way for them to find as many ways as humanly possible to praise badly-drawn breasts.

It’s a mag for the AICN crowd and for the diehard lovelorn anime fanboy type. I’d say give it a miss.

I like the design of the mag–I wish more North American publications would adopt a European styling… so much nicer to look at ;)

That’s about all it really has going for it though. The layout is eye-catching, and the paper is of high textural quality.

The content however, well my thoughts somewhat mirror those of Doug Erickson’s above. Dave gets a bit too distracted between trying to make a statement and simply reporting on game quality. In the case of Gunvalkyrie, he was one of the very few to make a stand and cry out against the negative feedback it has been given, doing his best to highlight it’s positive qualities, but putting the game on a pedestal to grab attention just isn’t the best tactic.

I occasionally find myself glancing through a copy when I am near a local newstand, check out the pretty blown up pics and game art splattered across each page, but I hardly ever glance at the text.

Then again, it’s very rare I really sit down and read ANY gaming rag on the market these days. They all have their problems, but sometimes you get a spiffy demo disc inside so I do take a gander at those now and again.


Though Edge has made a career of it in the UK, I’m not sure how well that approach sells in the US.

(Apparently not too well, to judge from the failure of NextGen, which is the only other pub I can recall that tried it.)