Play Magazine: Youse guys neede a gud pruf-reeder

That’s absolutely untrue.

However, if it had a large breasted anime’ character on the box… it might get a 7.5.

Hmm, I’m beginning to have flashbacks on how much I loathed the attempts to be funny in the Official DC magazine.

… but the review would still have 4 or 5 spelling mistakes in it.

Intrigued? It makes no difference. I have FLCL, so who the hell cares? If you don’t check this series out, your life can’t possibly be complete. That’s just the way it is.

Is that where that piece of my life went? I thought I started losing pieces of my life when I got into gaming/anime.

FLCL is good though. It’s a nice, albeit weird, coming of age story.

Isn’t it the same as EGM then? A tiny little one sentence long summary from each of four people and that’s all?

Ugh. I picked up Godannar based on Play’s glowing review of it. I hate to say this, but that anime has no redeeming features at all, and actually made me uncomfortable watching it. I don’t care how awesome the robot fights allegedly are, if I have to sit through the relationship of a 30 year old pilot and a 15 year old school girl to get to it, I’m not interested. Gross.

I still pick up Play magazine, because the presentation is very good. And they do cover games that don’t get mentioned elsewhere. You just need to know that a lot of the content isn’t written impartially

The trick with the Anime reviews is to watch nothing that receives less than a 9.0.

I find it works to just watch nothing. You’ll accidentally see the good ones at some point in life.

Halverson didn’t have anything to do with GameGo! That was Eric “ECM” Mylonas and Matt “Kodomo” Von Stone from the last days of GameFan, with support from Tom Keller. It lasted one issue before folding, and Mylonas is currently a Prima Games author.

I have the first issue of GameGo! somewhere in my apartment, and honestly, it wasn’t bad for what it was. Its biggest problem is that it was the kind of gaming magazine that you’d get out of a message board somewhere that catered to self-described hardcore gamers. I remember reading the magazine and recognizing almost none of the games they covered, and that’s honestly very difficult to do.

Halverson, as I understand it, did Gamer’s Republic, and the stories I’ve heard from GR vets are fairly horrid (like a couple of guys still haven’t been paid for their work on the book).

Anyone who wants to hear amazing true tales of Halverson should dig up the GameFan history thread on the Next Level boards.

I’ve found some good stuff through Play that I probably would have never found otherwise. It’s pretty obvious when they’re just salivating over a particularly well animated set of bouncing boobs.

Oh come on now. This is silly.

Play is the ultimate validator of the fanboy opinion. The magazine is targeted at Final Fantasy freaks who do indeed love the game to that level, and its reviews reflect that. It’s unabashed fanboy geek love about everything Japan, and probably connects better with its equally fanboy geek love audience than any other magazine outside of PC Gamer. (Not that PC Gamer targets fanboy geek types; it just does a superb job of connecting with its readers.)

I admire the focus of Play, even if I have no interest in reading the thing. But it has an audience, and boy is it dialed in to its very specific, very narrow tastes.

Steve, I mostly agree with you, although I think it’s a little more complex than that. I think Play is actually gaming porn of a sort.

Their reviews and view of these kind of “fruity” games are just as much of an airbrushed fantasy as any girl in Playboy. But get the real thing in your hands and you discover that it’s not quite as simple and as perfect as it appears to be in the magazine.