Play video games? You're probably a fat mentally ill loser

“…Dr. James B. Weaver III of the CDC’s National Center for Health Marketing. The hypothesis was correct, he said.”

So good ol Doc Weaver just got paid and a promotion from Captain Obvious to Major Obvious in Health Marketing.

So, wait. Am I fat, depressed and introverted because I play video games? Or do I play video games because I’m fat, depressed and introverted?

Does the body rule the mind? Or does the mind rule the body? I don’t know.

They don’t really discuss causality, which seems kind of important. I mean, as a fat, depressed, introverted person, I’m a lot more likely to be comfortable playing WOW than, say, racquetball. They don’t look at whether certain personality profiles might be more attracted to games than others. (I am NOT saying that all gamers are fat, depressed and introverted. Just pointing out hat some poeple are more comfortable with some activities than others)

The study seems to be quite careful to express most of their findings in terms of correlation, not causation.

I have read that there are more vampires around there because vampires prefer more overcast days.

And they sparkle.

Hey, that’s supposed to be a secret!


I have not and will not read the study itself, but the article would have to be wrong about literally every single factual detail about the structure of the study in order for those problems to not be real.

That’s exactly what I would expect a fat mentally ill loser to say.


On the flip side: Researchers Explore Mental Health Benefits of Video Games

Only a small study and only used a few PopCap games, but still encouraging. [Though the main subject doesn’t exactly counter the “overweight & depressed” assertion.] For an insider’s look at the testing, here’s a Game|Life post from last year.

I think the WaPost also did an article on wounded veterans who use video games as a kind of physical & mental therapy, but I can’t find it now.

man, if the average age on GAF is 35…

I like how if you replace “video-game players” in that article with “people who watch a lot of television” it still makes perfect sense. Are video games really the problem in our society, or is it more the overabundance of mindless and sedentary entertainment options combined with high-calorie diets and lack of exercise that make so many people big old self-loathing introverts?

Dunno about the study, but I was taken aback by an earlier report that the largest grouping of 360 players (40 percent) play 3 TO 5 hours PER DAY. Many go thru 40 or more games per year. Chalk it up to teenage guys, chalk it up to single guys, whatever, that’s a humongous block of time that doesn’t include internet surfing or TV.

Hey, do what you will, but I have to think more variety in activities would be better for your well being.

Obligatory Onion Link:

Totally bogus study man! Let’s all poke holes in it and dispute their findings with all the fury of the internet!

/still true

How to spot a nongamer.

If you must go to work tomorrow, well, if I were you I wouldn’t bother. For there are brighter sides to life. And I should know, because I’ve seen them, but not very often.

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This thread is exactly what I would expect a bunch of fat, mentally ill losers to say.


whoever made this post is very ignorant and I cant just from how ignorant they sound, especially since i personally know people who fit and they play video games more than I do and guess what? I’m fat and I usually only play video games once every two week or once a week at maximum other than I usually hangout with my family or hangout with my friends and either watch tv with them, play sports with them, or some board game with them not all people who play video games are fat introverted and depressed not all fat people are introverted no depressed not all introverts are fat nor depressed and not all depressed people are fat nor introverted everyone is different and it is ignorant to assume that someone is all three of things all because you’re an idiot that thinks stereotype are extremely valid and accurate

pretty sure thinking your not a fat mentally ill loser because you don’t play video games makes you very insecure yourself especially if all you’re doing is trying to put people down by calling people losers on the internet just to feel better about yourself

also i’m pretty sure if anything makes people depressed it’s condescending threads like this where you are ignorantly stereotyping people who play video games and putting them down by calling losers like an actual loser would do

You’re replying to a 13 year old thread. Most of those posters died of diabetes, heart disease, and couchpotatoitis.

I think some were committed, too.

Gamers, amirite?