Playdate, a handheld console with a crank controller

The company seems like pro’s doing a passion project… such a niche one.

So you get 12 (mini)-games that are likely experimental. If it sells really well, maybe you will be able to buy another season.

That first game it comes with better be really cool.

I thought the crank could be used to charge the device, but no dice.

It also looks painfully uncomfortable to hold with hands any larger than a toddler’s.

Oops! I thought so too.

That’s exactly what this is. Panic is pretty popular in the Apple world, so all the Apple sites/blogs/podcasts are all excited by this. I already had about a half dozen articles about this in my RSS feed and one podcast that talked about it.

This link is on PlayDate’s page, but if you want to jump to lots more details:

The name is suggestive of an onahole device. Don’t Google that if you don’t know what it is.

I too expected that the crank would charge the device. Nope.

I also saw the name, Playdate, and automatically assumed the device could connect via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to other Playdates nearby to create a cool little on-the-fly multiplayer gaming environment. Nope.

So basically this is a tiny black & white Gameboy with slightly better resolution, wonky controls and a subscription-based game library of indie/experimental games that will fit both the little screen and the wonky controls. For $150.

Hard pass.

It also reminds me a lot of this for whatever reason:


Hah, of course some of Qt3 hates this.

I’m nervous supplies will be too limited and I won’t be able to get one, so hate away!

This isn’t about getting a gaming platform. This is about getting a novel and creative toy. I’ve spent more than $150 on collectors editions of single games before, and certainly more on games with their own peripherals (hello $1k on fake plastic rhythm game instruments) so don’t think of this as a console. Think of it as an expensive niche game.

Fair enough. I mean someone had to buy stuff like this:

The ergonomics on this look awful.

So that’s good, it sounds like stock limitations are just about how fast they can make them, not that it’s gone after one production run.

And certainly, to clarify my earlier comment, this will be really cool if it does take off as a sort of niche indie platform. Seems like it would certainly have potential for hobbyist gamers and developers alike.

But if it’s just 12 games and that’s it, it still seems like a cool experiment I want to support.

This is so strange, and I’m fascinated by it.

It’s awesome they’re working with Teenage Engineering. If you’re unfamiliar with them, check them out. Their small handheld synths and drum machines are awesome.

This thing is so cute and so weird and I will immediately try to buy it once it’s on sale

I played with that once. It was pretty cool, actually. Wish it hadn’t been so expensive.

List of things I can’t wait to see released by Panic right now:

  • this thing
  • Untitled Goose Game
  • Whatever they’re cooking up to replace Coda
  • A version of Transmit that allows nested folders

Yeah you guys definitely don’t want these. Mock it continually and loudly.

Me /PraysForPreorderSuccess

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…And it was a good investment!

It’s a tiny little thing.