Playdate, a handheld console with a crank controller

It’s awesome they’re working with Teenage Engineering. If you’re unfamiliar with them, check them out. Their small handheld synths and drum machines are awesome.

This thing is so cute and so weird and I will immediately try to buy it once it’s on sale

I played with that once. It was pretty cool, actually. Wish it hadn’t been so expensive.

List of things I can’t wait to see released by Panic right now:

  • this thing
  • Untitled Goose Game
  • Whatever they’re cooking up to replace Coda
  • A version of Transmit that allows nested folders

Yeah you guys definitely don’t want these. Mock it continually and loudly.

Me /PraysForPreorderSuccess

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…And it was a good investment!

It’s a tiny little thing.

Very cool use of AR. Thanks.

They’re going to release it early 2020? Man this would have made a killer Christmas gift, for anyone of any age. I’m sure it will sell quite well anyway. Curious to see what games are in development and how that crank plays into it (other than the obvious fishing game).

Apparently, a fishing game was so obvious that every dev overlooked it until quite recently. One of the hardware guys said it wasn’t until the final weeks of development that a designer asked to create a fishing game. All the other devs thought someone else was doing one.

Zack Gage, creator of Ridiculous Fishing, is one of the developers, so I figured some form of that would be on there.

I thought Rami Ismail was behind that game.

There’s like 4 people who worked on it. It was actually brought it up during a GDC talk as an example of why using names is important for attribution by Zack Gage if I’m remembering right. Which is the only reason I know that.

The makers of West of Loathing announced on their podcast that they made one of the games (in collaboration with the Frog Fractions guy who is also on their podcast).

Okay, that’s the first time I’ve found AR useful other than when hunting Pokemon. Nice.

I’m intrigued. It’s not that expensive, it’s cute, and it sounds like they have some creative folks behind the games.

Panic being assholes:

I hope it was a misunderstanding. I’ve been aware of Panic for years and assholes is never how I’d describe them.

They best be careful as the CBS backed Giant Bomb has been using playdate in relation to video games for some time.

Panic has backed off a bit.