Players Wanted For: 4X/TBS Multiplayer

Oddly enough, that is one of my titles on the larger Dominions 5 discord. Probably for that belief.

I was wondering whether Old World had this the other day. Thanks for the info!

I haven’t picked it up yet but Gladius interests me.

So, final call for new players for our Disciple Game. The fun of a disciple game is that you will be put on a team with another player (or 2), I plan to mix experienced players with newer players on each team. The teams will be set up June 1st, and the game should start in June or early in July (that gives the team enough time to come up with some interesting combinations)

I encourage any that has had some experience with Dominions to join up. If you are absolutely new to the game, I would encourage you to take a nation in the Early Era, and see if you can take about 12-15 provinces in the first 12 turns and start building a second castle. If you can do that, you should do okay in this game.

If you have any questions about how MP is run or anything, please post on the thread.

I’m up for a disciple game if it is still possible.
I am used to the game itself, but only played against the AI.

Just click on the link, and reply. I will put you down and anyone else that wants to sign up. June 1st is just my deadline to get everything going.

So, just need 2 more players, is anyone interested for Dominions 5?

Okay I will play

Welcome back!

Right now, the disciple game is full, but I will let you know if it changes!

Damn, 7 years!

So, I am thinking of setting up a Blood Bowl League. Not through Blood Bowl, but through Fumbbl. It’s free to use and should work on a variety of different systems.

Would anyone be interested?

Sure, I’m in. Word of warning: I’ve found that people can be little bitches about Blood Bowl. I assume you’ve played it before so you probably know that randomness mitigation is the name of the game. But for anyone who’s interested but hasn’t played before: please be prepared to feel bad because of dice. And make choices that might mitigate that.

Blood Bowl 1 or 2?

Neither. Fumbbl

It’s a more up to date and robust system. All the new rules and all the star players.

The link above takes you to the website. It’s a little bit of work to set up, but you have access to a lot more things, teams and stuff. And it doesn’t cost anything.

It’s just a bit… Low tech

You set up an account here.

The site says you need to own a physical copy of Blood Bowl.

It does? I never ran across anything like that before.

It’s possible it’s there to provide them some cover, but I don’t think there is anything in the game that requires a physical copy to play.

I’ve had an account for a long time though.

Color me keen to join any modestly paced 4X TBS that starts up in the future :-)

i’ve got an account. @Juan_Raigada was the lead for a couple of Blood Bowl Leagues in the past. I don’t know if he has any interest this time around. There were a few other players from Qt3, but I can’t remember who.

That would be cool. We’ll see if anyone else is interested. I don’t need to start right away, so if the issue is timing for some people,that is fine.

I like the Fumbbl version because it has a more up to date rules set, and a few extra teams (all of which have been tested a lot). Like Apes.

I have only every played in Black Box in the past, and that particular setting is full of Max Min’s teams. I really want to try the league version.

I could be interested, depending on scheduling. I’m GMT+1 and other leagues I used to late nights. This time it might be a little harder.

But you know… most likely I’ll join.

Cool beans. I will need a bit of time to wrap up the start of our Dominions 5 game though.

Gents, long mentioned, long considered, but now closer to reality:

Who is up for a Planetfall pbem game?

I’m open to all and any settings.

I favour hard/aggressive marauders, and no colonisers, but it’s not for everyone.

The game supports upto 12 players in mp iirc.

I don’t mind whatever race and class settings, they all have some OP stuff.