Players Wanted For: 4X/TBS Multiplayer

I love you Mysterio. You are a good person and should never forget that.

Isn’t it part of this months humble bundle?

Too late! Already bought it! I had planned to get this game eventually since it looks great, but this has moved the time table forward a bit.

If there’s room for another player, deal me in for the PBEM game.

Spider-Man doesn’t think so.

So, 5 players:


I think as long as the host has the relevant dlc (I do,) everyone joining gets access to it, at least in game, so no worries.

Also, no game mods, just default game.

I’ve chosen a medium sized map, good for 6 players, but we are 5.

Capital world template - means lots of sites and resources, makes planning your cities a bit easier, gives more leeway for mistakes.

No AI.

Leaving colonisers on, so you can expand to your hearts content. Colonisers off makes things a bit harder IMHO, so colonisers on I think is the fairest.

I’ve put NPC settings to average, so you won’t get swamped with quests or demands, but I have set marauders to high, so I recommend you get your militia buildings up and running because I can tell you from experience the indie creatures/critters will come at you.

Enable combat retry is on meaning you can auto-combat, and if you don’t like the result you get to retry it. Good for mitigating misclicks and mistakes. Bear in mind you actually get a slight bonus to rolls if you auto-combat, because it was highlighted a while ago that the auto-combat results can be a bit skew whiff sometimes.

In the lobby, look for the game labelled QT3 PARTY.

Password is BBB

Also, I have turned Invasions off.

These are the current settings but nothing is finalized until I click start.

The lobby is open, and will remain so until the slots are taken, so please do come along!

Did someone want colonizers on? I thought we were leaving them off.

Nothing is final until the game starts, so I can adjust it right now if wanted.

If you have them off, it focuses the game imho, but reduces your margin for error, because you only have so many settlements.

It makes influence more important early on, to grab those settlements, but less important later on, as there are no settlements left. That said, you’ll always want influence for the NPCs.

I was a big proponent for colonisers off, and pushed hard for it to be included as a game mode, as IMHO it just feels more natural, plus I think the ensuing restriction on players makes the game go quicker, because you may realistically acquire 4 or 5 colonies peacefully, and then you’ll be obliged to go to war.

Not so relevant for our game, but the AI seems to stabilize at about 5 colonies anyway, so this should shift their focus onto war-fighting.

Thanks for the hosting effort, BBB!

I’m in favor of any option that makes each decision more impactful, not less. So, I vote for colonizers off.

I see @Mysterio has joined the game lobby :)

If I don’t select a commander, will the game choose a random existing commander for me?

Also, is there an option for the game to generate a completely random commander for me (i.e., not one of the existing commanders chosen at random)?

If I choose Select Commander and scroll to the top of the Select Commander list, there’s a “Random Commander” choice. I assume that choice will just randomly pick one of the commanders from the Select Commander list.

I assume so.

I’ve never used it, couldn’t tell you :(

Players have wanted a truly random leader option in AoW3 for a long time, but it was never implemented. They want the same for Planetfall, but it has yet to be implemented. I wonder why Triumph won’t (can’t?) add it.

Does everyone have to be logged into the QT3 PARTY lobby with Ready selected at the same time before BBB can start the game? If so, yeesh!

So, are you guys going to start your own thread, or just hang out here?

Silence, knave! This is my thread and I’ll do as I like.

I’ll create a Message group for the game.

Honestly I am not sure how it works.

How is this coming along? Blood Bowl 2020 was just leaked and it has reignited my interest!

Lego has taken an involuntary sabbatical from QT3, so I don’t think we’ll be starting BB for a little while. I need to go look up BB 2020.

There are only leaks here and there, but they seem they are addressing a lot of the meta (claw doesn’t stack with MB), encouraging/reworking the passing game a lot (new passing stat, many changes to passing skills) and fully changing advancement (but this is extrapolated form known info, nothing definite yet as to how).