Playing Counter-Strike does make you a better shot with real guns!

After lunch, the group went on to moving targets. Basically the targets were facing to the left and at the instructors cue would turn to face us; after which we would open fire. This section was all about speed and getting your sights right on the target - much like zeroing in on a running target in Counter-Strike. Surprisingly, after learning how to aim properly at a moving target - taking into consideration getting the enemy in the sights and using short controlled bursts - has increased this editor’s score while playing Counter-Strike. No shit.

I’m just sayin’.

Actually, it sounds like the reverse, being a better shot in real life helps yer counter strike game.

Indeed. Based on that quote, the correct title of this post would have been “Playing with real guns makes you a better shot in Counter-Strike”.

You were just sayin’ it ass-backwards.

I wondered what Tom Ham was up to these days; I lost track of him after that 2002 L.A. Times playola article.

  • Alan

“Mom, I’ve GOT to spend more time at the range so my CS skills improve!”

Of course, if they really wanted to try “real-life Counterstrike”, they should’ve practiced
-Shooting a scoped rifle while deking left and right.
-Firing an automatic shotgun while jumping around.
-Running with knives.
-Tossing flashbangs at each other. (Hilarious.)
-Building quick human pyramids to scale crates.

But everyone playing CS knows that short, controlled bursts have better results. Just like in real life. This guy just sucked ass at Counter-Strike if he didn’t at least know that much.

Hah, i think i learned that from a movie, wasn’t it aliens that told everybody to shoot in short controlled bursts?

Yeah, Hicks says it.

While clicking a mouse has little to nothing to do with learning to fire a gun, I will say that the tactics I learned in my early Counter-Strike days translated over to paintball. Things such as flanking, getting behind the enemy, covering fire and such really helped. The first time a group of my friend went to a real paintball park we dominated the other team we played against. Not really because we were better shots but we keep getting superior positioning and moving in small squads of 3, using covering fire to let another move up. It was a wonderful day :)

Yeah, Johnny Ringo never stood a chance against you.
“You’re no daisy at all.”

I got two guns, one fer each of ya.

I always thought the Aliens’ quote was funny since short bursts really didn’t seem to work on the them. They needed a steady stream before they went down.

In at least one of the games based on the Aliens universe, the pulse rifles will jam if fired continuously for too long, so that’s why you needed short controlled bursts.

This article is from 2001.

Oh my gods, Tom Ham is still missing!