Playing MMORPGs via the web

Can somebody please explain to me why this is the most advanced “interaction” with MMORPGs via the web?

I would sell my left kneecap to be able to do crafting via a web browser.

Haha, he got killed by a deer.

My goodness…

The potential consequences of the lost productivity in the workplace if you could ever sneak some MMORPG play into your workday via browser are vast.

The US economy would collapse shortly thereafter, as white collar workers gorge themselves with /pizza and crafting in their cubicles.

Is that what you want, Mike? The Great Depresssion v. 2?

As it is, people surreptitiously checking Qt3 from work is a major culprit in the ever declining GDP of G8 nations as it is. Why make things worse?


Hey, man, those feral deer rock hardcore.

EQ2 has a web browser applet that lets you chat with guild members that are playing the game. Whatever you type shows up in the guild channel, and you can even send tells. It’s pretty neat.

Not sure about the crafting thing, maybe they wanted to make macroing at least somewhat inconvenient.

Eve Online has a web interface to allow you to (when I last checked) monitor the status of your skill gains. As you gain skills in real time in that game, you need to know the best time when you can log in and start learning a new skill.

Of course, this is nothing compared to Jagex’s Runescape, which is a fully java fantasy MMORPG. They just recently released a PR crowing about how they broke 250,000 subscribers.

And if you could actually toggle your skill learning online, I’d still be a subscriber.

EVE Online helped cure my insomnia! I can now sleep soundly at night.