Playing Mobile Games On A Desktop

There are a number of games for IOS and Android devices that I would love to be able to play on my PC, if for no other reason than the size of the screen. If Ascension or Da Vinci’s Art of War turned up on Steam tomorrow for $10-$15, I’d be on them like stink on a monkey. So why are we not seeing more conversions, or, at the very least, emulators that would allow us to play these games on our desktops?

Jesus. I was just thinking of how many terrible PC versions of mobile games Steam seems to have now.

If the games are written in Unity they usually do have PC versions. If there is no PC version the most likely explanation is that it’s by a really small team with no budget or expertise in porting a native iOS or Android game to Windows.

You can play android games on windows and OSX with bluestacks. Works fine.

Yep, Bluestacks works fine.

Yep, though there’s some some work to get it “functional”, since it wants you to use its own launcher/shop and an account with them.

You’ll need to get the play store on there, get a non-shitty launcher, and disable the service apps it comes with that tries to nag you.

Yes. Not a ton of work though.

I still don’t really understand why people want to play mobile games on their telly, but if you really want to, you could just wait until Android L comes out and mirror the screen to a Chromecast.

Thanks for the Bluestacks recommendation. Just what I was looking for. And to answer your question, GY, I’m 62, have bad eyesight and work from home. My tablet is a Nexus 7, and in a game without a zoom feature it’s sometimes hard for me to read text on the screen