Playing Monkey Island in 2006? How's ScummVM?

My 3.5-year-old son is obsessed with all things pirates, so I thought that it might be fun to dig out the old Monkey Islands games and play them with him.

Anyone tried to run these recently? How reliable is ScummVM on the PC? My thought is to run the Amiga versions, which I still have. They have good graphics and better sound than the VGA version. The question is whether to use ScummVM on XP or the Amiga emulator…

Of course, there’s also MI3 and 4. Hadn’t played those, but if I remember correctly, they’re not as good as the first two. I don’t suppose there were ever updated versions of MI1 & 2 released for the PC? I’m game to buy a “collection” CD if it has good versions of the games.

I played them in 2005 with ScummVM and it was great, ScummVM is truly an excellent piece of work. Turn on some filters (I don’t remember which ones were good, sorry, just play with it till you like the look), and it’ll be better than even the Amiga version, I’m sure.

Monkey Island 4 wasn’t as good as the others, but Monkey Island 3 is the best of the series, IMO. El Pollo Diablo!

I never played 4, but Monkey Island 3 was also my favorite of the group. It also doesn’t look quite as dated, which is always nice.

Does he get picked on and teased by the ninja kids at school?

Monkey Island 3 just wasn’t in the same league as the first two :P Nice puzzles, but the humour didn’t measure up, and humour in the MI games is a big thing :)


Ah, but CoMI (the 3rd one) has the pirate song, El Pollo Diablo, and Murray (the talking skull). Admittedly, the second game has more piratey moments, but it’s also much more complex and has one of the weaker endings. The first is a classic (where “classic” = “old”), and the fourth is entirely unmemorable (except perhaps for the time-travel bit).

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This, alone, gives Curse the win.

I recently got MI3 and MI4. I couldn’t get into MI3 – the cartoon art annoyed me. The 3d MI4 seemed much more like the MI1 and MI2 of the past that I liked.

I like the art direction of 3, I just felt the humour was a little forced at time, and bland at others. Still, an enjoyable romp, but one after the golden age of Lucasarts.

No character beats Stan, and Stan’s best appearence is in MI2 :)

Yep, MI2 had a very, very weak ending, though the section leading up to that ending was actually rather good IMO.

MI 1 will always be my favorite

I liked MI3 a lot but I was dissapointed that they copied the exact same mechanic of MI1 (swordplay section) with albeit a slightly different twist.

I have to say I rather liked the freedom of MI2, being able to move from one puzzle line to the next during Act 2. Too many games (especially in the last six years) give you no more than three or four locations to work with, making every puzzle a real cinch.