Playing with non-gamers: Are you toning down or destroy them?


I recently got a PS2 and Gamecube for cheap.
My best friends are all non-gamers and they usually visit me 1-2 times a year. In June they will come and I bet they will want to play some rounds on the PS2 since it’s much better for casuals than my computer games.
From past experiences I know that they really suck so I have a moral problem now:

Should I school those noobs or tone my skills down?

I had this problem a few times in the past already.
If you are too good people will get pissed and stop playing. On the other hand if you force yourself to suck it’s not that fun either.

What is your opinion / strategy concerning this?

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This is why you play co-op.

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Considered therapy?

At least lay off the coffee.

I try to do non-gamey things with non gamers.
As many others I tend to get carried away with my love for my hobbies and while they might be too polite to point out that they are not enjoying too much my two hours disertation on the finer points of the EvE commodities market or that they consider my G25 wheel a stupidly expensive and useless toy, I’d rather have them come back again if I value their company at all.
But if they insist and try I’ll kick their sorry casual ass as hard as I can to hell and yonder… can’t have them thinking that all the time I sink into gaming is for nought.

I would tone it down a notch or two. Win, but don’t stomp them into the ground mercilessly.

Or find co op games, as suggested.

In Catan tonight some guy made a trade with me at 9 points, so I got what I needed and won the game. I was very close to backing out of the trade and giving him a warning. On the other hand, Rorshach was hot on my heels, so I wanted to win.

co-op or (unintentionally) funny games work best. Try to find the co-op markers in gta san andreas. that should provide for some fun time. when people watch cars fly all over the place, or see a cop get run over by a wayward truck, they are usually entertained.

as for vs play, such as a beat em up, ton eit down, most def. then when they get confident, destroy them }-]

You should always play to win.
People handicapping their game ruin it for the rest of us - as do people kind of playing together to help out somebody (like girlfriend/boyfriend).

The same goes for kids - teach 'em the bitter taste of defeat early so they strive to ecperience the sweet taste of victory (and the joy of a good gloat).

Hook them up with the more funny side of games, eyes toys, wii stuff, car races.

Tone it down so they get used to the controls, fight them fair during when they can handle their first moves (in an beat em up), let them get 50%-80% of your health then crush them ;).

Also in beat em ups I try new tricks or very difficult but nice to look at combos which I can’t try vs. an equal opponents.

If the skill disparity is too great it can turn someone off a game altogether. For instance, if you play an RTS, are having fun setting up your little base, then suddenly see 20 tanks rolling in to destroy you in a matter of seconds – that’s not much fun and leaves you feeling completely helpless.

As they go up the skill curve they can find out what a brutal and ruthless world it is. No need to pile it all on at once.

the rest of us

Not sure who “the rest of us” in this case would refer to; the only individuals affected are the poster and his buddies.

Just don’t answer the door. They’ll think you moved, and then you can go back to playing online.

It’s about cultivating opponents. Sure, I could beat the pants off a guy in Tekken 5 repeatedly, but then the next time he’s over and I ask “wanna play Tekken?” he’s likely to say no. If, on the other hand, I temper my brutality and let the matches run closer and occasionally admit defeat I can keep playing with him for years.

It seems that when your friends visit you’re playing for fun/social reasons, not to see who is the uber-gaming-champion. Treat it as a social situation, not a competitive one.

Co-op games are good. Learning games are good. Don’t play ARRRGH SO COMPETITIVELY against newbs right away. Let them get the hang of it first so that they at least know what they’re doing and why they’re losing. And give them tips to help them get better! Who is so insecure (about GAMING, no less) that he feels the need to score the surprise fuck you victory over people who are picking up a game for the first time?

One time in college, we all went down to the big Battletech center (where you actual step into little pods that are supposed to be mech cockpits and play in what was basically just a glorified, but very cool, LAN battle).

Six of us went down. I ended up with something like 12 kills and 1 death. This was not through skill (I end up being a 50/50 at best ratio FPS player after I’ve played the game for awhile). It was because I stomped the hell out of some true noobs, noobs who played video games once every year or so.

After about a 30 minute, ill-thought out “Who da man? I da man!,” festival on the way back, we parted ways. While I remained friends with all of them, unsurprisingly we did not go back to play Battletech ever again, or even play video games ever again.

So I’d suggest going a bit easy.

I find myself unable to intentionally play at a level lower than I’m capable of. I always get very annoyed when someone beats me and says I took it easy on them.

I realized that maybe it’s ok to play down to their level when my nephew started crying, but then I thought, screw that, lil bugger needs to grow a spine! ;)

Go easy on them if you want them to keep playing. Your first concern should be to make sure they have a good time and an experice they want to repeat. If they really enjoy themselves, when they go home they just might buy thier own game console and the next time they visit they will be gamers you can feel free to beat down without mercy.

I’ve met a few people who asked me not to hold back and, well, just play normal instead. I’ve yet to meet someone who enjoyed getting annihilated again and again.


Wow. I would not have expected this thread to be NSFW.

It depends on who I was playing against. When I played Quake against my fraternity brothers back in the day, I would not hold back. When I play games with my girlfriend now, I go easy. Though she tends to not like head-to-head competitive games anyway, so it doesn’t actually come up that often.