Playing Xbox online

Besides gamespy’s tunnel program are there any good programs for play xbox games over the internet?

Xbox Live?

I meant to play those non online games like halo

I really like xbox connect I just found it. The only problem is it feels like the server has one hell of an advantage. I don’t claim to be good at halo but I got totally trounced by these guys. I didn’t notice lag as much as I noticed that someone was behind me and then materalized 100 yards in front of me.

Are there any that you can play like that, besides Halo and Serious Sam?

brute force was big as were several of the race games and obviously anything designed to run on xbox live or has system link.

yes that’s what i’m using

Sorry didn’t read through your second post. I believe XBC and GameSpy’s Tunnel service are it.

So I downloaded, I have a network hub, when I start the game I get an error message reading “Error initializing WinPCap”. XBConnect does not find my xbox (which connects fine to XBLive - so I know it works) and I cannot find any servers to join. Suggestions?