Picked up MechAssault (didn’t cost me anything, as I traded in some excess PC games I had laying around) for the Xbox. I like it. I don’t plan to hook up Xbox Live any time soon, but the single-player game is nice. And you can play most or all of the multiplayer modes solo against bots, too. It’s arcade-y, sure, but in a good, satisfying way, though the campaign is tough sometimes–a fair amount of replaying. Then again it’s pretty dynamic in action, so you have some tactics and different things you can try, even if the levels are fairly linear.

All in all it seems to be a good product, and the only game other than Halo for my Xbox that I really like.

Have you tried Deathrow???

No, but I’ve heard good things. It’s a fighting game? I’m so-so on those. And I’m cheap, too.

Hitman 2 is very sweet. I’ve only played it on my PC, but there’s an Xbox version so I suppose it’s something you could check out.

I would describe it as a bit like the old EA hockey games for the genesis,except more violent,chaotic,and anarchic.It’s more of a sports game than a fighting game,but you can sort of play it as either.It’s probably a like it or hate it kind of game,so you may want to check it out first rather than buying it cold.

Picked up ORB yesterday, been playing it non-stop. Currently in a big battle for the last resource asteroid ;)

Spyhunter (Xbox), rented: Currently on Mission 4 of 13. Success consists of memorizing the mission and passing on the 3rd try. Multiplayer content is unlocked in the single-player game. I just love that. :x

[b]Fellowship of the Ring /b, rented: Currently in Moria. Start as Frodo. Run along the path. Get stung by bees. Run some more. Solve an easy puzzle. Collect some things. Turn into Aragorn. Run along the path. Kill some things. Collect some things. Turn into Gandalf. Run along the path. Kill some things. Solve an easy puzzle. The game does have the best hobbit solo dancing I have ever seen. I’m not kidding about that.

I recently received a review copy of Takeout Weight Curling. I can confidently say that this is the best curling game every done for the computer.


It had been all Age of Mythology in the last week for me. Well, I thought it was all Age of Mythology until I realized I probably spend at least 30 minutes or more a day playing Animal Crossing. It’s become a part of my day and I tend to forget I’ve played it so much though I enjoy every minute while I’m playing.

Last night broke the streak though. I played NFL2K3, SSX, Onimusha 2, Rez and Tekken 4 at a friend’s house until late. Good fun.


Age Of Mythology here as well. And a bit of BOB and a lot of IL2 with some NOLF2 for added spice.

I’m playing Pontifex2 and Risk2 (tournament mode). I’m trying not to buy any more games, because I have yet to finish the NWN or the IcewindDaleII games that I started months ago.

This “play a game but don’t complete it” habit of mine is beginning to annoy me.

Games I bought and completed (and stopped playing) in the past month include NOLF2 and GhostRecon(cuba-expansion).

Bar none? Wow. That is a pretty strong statement.

AoM here, too.

Dave - SSX is still wonderful to play.

Roger - I am not sure what that phrase means: ‘playing a game to completion’ ? Please elaborate.

I’d been playing Tony Hawk 4 for about a week solid before picking up GTA:VC. I’m about half way through VC now (percentage wise, probably much closer to the credits), and begining to drift from that now. It’s used up it’s wow factor so now it’s just a really fun game, but not something I’m compelled to play every time I sit down on the couch. Hopefully I’ll be picking up Mech Assault and Xbox Live! tomorrow so I should be set for the weekend. Then Splinter Cell next week, and then I’ll settle into a rotation through all these games till I actually start completing some of them.

Risk2 (tournament mode)

Hey, what’s this, Roger? The old game with those esoteric attack cards? What’s tournament mode? And can I play?

Aside from work-related stuff, I’m playing Age of Mythology and Combat Mission. Burnout 2 on the Playstation 2. Noodling around with the betas of Galactic Civ as Stardock folds in new features. I’m really looking forward to this one.

I’ve also been trying Warcraft III again lately and it’s still not winning me over.

Hey, isn’t this thread pirated from GoneGold?


I’m still playing IWD for the PC. Tried Dungeon Oddysey last night (Aaron Hall’s new one). It’s like Zangband ultralite, despite all the fluffy PR about lots of skills and stats. It even uses the same graphics as the TK version of Zangband! Pretty sad…That reminds me…I don’t have TKZangband on this PC! Gotta take care of that.

On the console it’s all Vice City and Mario Sunshine lately. I’ve been thinking about playing Lufia 2 for the SNES, since I haven’t played it yet and it looks decent.

Soldiers of Anarchy, a bit of Iron Storm and Heart of the Alien (the 1994 Sega CD-only sequel to Out of this World).


Playing: Age of Mythology multi and singly. Starfleet Command III. Whirl Tour Gamecube. Unreal Championship Xbox. Civ3: Play the World PBEM. SMAC PBEM.

Wishing I was playing: NOLF2, Godzilla DAMM.

Morrowind Tribunal, Combat Mission 2 for me…occasionally plodding through the WarCraft 3 campaign but losing interest in doing so. Played through the original Baldur’s Gate again for kicks.

Age Of Mythology here. I just can’t get enough of it. Aside from the really fun Multiplayer, I’m also really enjoying the single player campaign. This is the best RTS game I’ve played in ages. And by best I mean the most fun.