Playnite: the solution to the pc store fragmentation?


If anyone can get feedback to him, ask him to add Gamersgate, then I’m good :)


Razer Cortex (hate this client)) has some rudimentary wishlist support for Steam, GOG and GamersGate.

UPlay is faster than the buggy mess that is Origin for me and Steam is faster than both.


two many friggin storefronts or launchers:

Not shown: the Russian Game Center launcher I installed to check out a weird skyjammer-style WoW MMO clone and


Why are you pinning the stores instead of just pinning the games you want to play?


They’re not pinned but arranged alphabetically temporarily just now to measure that without anything running the launchers take up 16GB of my 32GB RAM. Oof.


You haven’t given all those companies your personal and credit card info, have you?


Dear god, no. Only Paypal for most.


Holy crap.


As I announced past week, now it supports Epic and launchers.


for patreon-only version or wide-release now?


something about qt libraries for UI that make it lag and feel slow. sort of the difference between iOS interface responsiveness and android.


Epic’s in now for everyone. I don’t find it slow at all. I see a few rough edges - it won’t forget about the Division 2 trial now it’s uninstalled for example, but basically it does what it says on the tin, pretty well in my case.


That’s quite possibly uPlay’s fault, not Playnite’s. I can’t get the original Division’s beta to go away and that’s been gone for years.


Yeah, I have a bunch of betas and demos from ubi in ‘hidden’ state.


And now my auth code from Origin isn’t showing up…

Still a fan though.


I gave this a try and after using it for three days I uninstalled. Way too many bugs. It crashes my launcher, refuses to launch games from Origin, and for some reason my video card driver resets every time I mouse over a drop down.

Needs far more work.


What the everloving fuck?


I’ve been using this for about a month now and it’s amazing. I guess I’ve been lucky because I haven’t ran into any bugs yet.


Well, if I would have those errors in the application, I wouldn’t have uninstalled it in 3 days, but in 3 hours or less. I wouldn’t have made this thread, lol.


That was my response too. After looking at the event log I think it’s caused by some sort of conflict with Wallpaper Engine.