Playnite: the solution to the pc store fragmentation?


Go climb back into the hole you came from and play Tux Racer if you’re going to be a choosing beggar about a free offering on an appropriate platform for gaming. You disparage others’ efforts yet won’t spend money nor time.


How about all of you go to the Hardware/Software forum to discuss about *nix, Open Source and software development and leave this thread for playnite.


I wonder if there’s a way to add a non-steam game to my library in a way that steam can load it through playnite (so playing twitch games through my steam link counts as playtime towards that game).


So no arguments, then. Come on, you gotta at least put some effort and chuzpe to your insults, otherwise you just appear mentally challenged.

  1. I’m not begging for anything, just pointing out downsides to a product. It doesn’t matter if it is free or not. Nor does it matter if the downside affects YOU or not, but for some reason attacking other people’s choice of platform gives you a raging hard-on. Entertaining, but a little weird if you ask me.
  2. Windows IS an appropriate platform for gaming. And so is Linux, Mac, PS4, …
  3. So in order to criticize something, not only do you have to spend money on it (???) but also need to spend the time required to completely change it! While having actual knowledge about a topic is irrelevant. Oh my, someone needs to inform the people running this site. Or any site posting any kind of critique.

I’ll stop responding once he stops posting nonsense. It’s just too much fun.


It doesn’t matter who improves Playnite, and Playnite doesn’t matter either. What’s important is that this an issue a lot of people care about, so someone is going to make the effort at some point. There will be more of these.


Funny enough, Lutris is somewhat similar, though I don’t think the connection to various stores is as advanced yet. It even shares the platform exclusivity - just for a different platform facepalm.


I’m still finding utility in this application. For example, ordering libraries. With Steam may not be needed, but not every platform happens to be Steam!
Right now I have added the new monthly games into the Twitch library, and I don’t know which were the new ones, as twitch added by as a single package that just said ‘Devolver’. There is no ‘new’ label on top of the covers like in other places, no option to sort by date added into the library. But Playnite has the option to order, so even if Twitch didn’t have that feature, I could order by date added in playnite, and see the ones added today.

Second advantage: the metadata are pretty complete and include things like a Steam link for that game even for games you have in another platform. So you are a click away to see the trailer and the user reviews to see if the game is worth it.


Yeah, I’m really digging this software. I was finally about to get my twitch account authenticated so now I have all my games from every platform + all my emulators setup. At least I’ve setup all that are supported.

One thing I wish it would do is show total number of games for each platform. All I can find so far is number of installed games and number of uninstalled.


Wow. That’s a lot of added value. Maybe I should check this out.


Cross post from the Epic thread. Support for two new stores coming soon:

Support for Epic and stores has been finished and update is currently available exclusively to patrons at
The public release date for the update is on February 8th.


Nice! I’m really digging this program and am glad to see they are continuing to add more features.


Woo - behold :)

I paypal’d him a few bucks.


I wish that kind of view was usable. When you have so many images on screen the scroll isn’t smooth,you can notice the difference in smoothness as different zoom levels.
This isn’t a playnite issue, it happens the same in any other app store, like Steam (in Steam is smoother, but because the images themselves load later, needed two more seconds). I think it’s funny, how at this point computers can do billion operations per second, can render hundreds of millions of triangles full of effects per second, but aren’t able of moving 50 small images smoothly on Windows.


Computers are absolutely capable of it, my iPhone can do it. You just need to focus on locking the user experience 60fps, which takes development effort.


Now I started testing other stores, and GoG galaxy is clearly faster, although it’s limited to rows of 5. I don’t have many games on Uplay but also seems to be smoother.


If anyone can get feedback to him, ask him to add Gamersgate, then I’m good :)


Razer Cortex (hate this client)) has some rudimentary wishlist support for Steam, GOG and GamersGate.

UPlay is faster than the buggy mess that is Origin for me and Steam is faster than both.


two many friggin storefronts or launchers:

Not shown: the Russian Game Center launcher I installed to check out a weird skyjammer-style WoW MMO clone and


Why are you pinning the stores instead of just pinning the games you want to play?


They’re not pinned but arranged alphabetically temporarily just now to measure that without anything running the launchers take up 16GB of my 32GB RAM. Oof.