PlayStation 5

That may not be the name, but the hardware is sounding really impressive.

You should definitely read the article before commenting.

Here’s a summary taken from the ResetEra thread.

  • Mark Cerny is once again the Lead System Architect.
  • 8 core AMD 7nm Zen 2 based on third generation Ryzen.
  • Ray-tracing support with custom AMD Navi GPU.
  • Custom AMD unit for 3D Audio, also aided by ray-tracing, a big upgrade.
  • Extremely fast high-end custom SSD storage faster than any solution currently available for PC:
    Spider-Man load times on PS4 Pro: 15 seconds → 0.8 seconds on next-gen PlayStation.
  • Technically supports 8K but Cerny demoed Spider-Man load speed improvements on a 4K screen.
  • New Virtual Reality platform strongly hinted at but also supports current PSVR (meaning millions of VR users ‘day one’).
  • Death Stranding might be a cross-gen title (speculation in article based on Cerny reply).
  • Physical Media.
  • Backwards Compatible with at least PS4.
  • Four years in development so far.

I’ll buy it if it plays backwards compatible Bloodborne at 60 FPS.

I’ll I needed to see what “SSD” and I’m in. But it being backwards compatible with PS4 is just a game changer as well, better hardware all around and backwards compatibility makes this an easy day one purchase, hell I’ll pre-order this just to make sure I can get my hands on one.

Speculation is that it will probably cost $499. A developer in the ResetEra thread posted some more detail on what AAA devs are working with now and some expectations. Sony may be targeting March of 2020 too. It’s definitely on the table. Sounds like they expect to sell at a loss to start.

Also, something like 14 teraflops of performance which compared to Google’s recent announcement of 10, is pretty serious horsepower to have in your home for games.

For me, the SSD is huge, especially how they seem to be integrating it into the design. One thing the Switch does so well is mitigate load times because it’s all solid state. I want more of that.

The move to SSD is huge. Loading times are my single biggest gripe with console gaming. (I’m looking at you, Witcher 3)

Being BC with PS4 games is huge as well.

Backwards compatible with PS4 and I get to keep my PS+ library, this is a day one purchase.

Same here

On the one hand, I’m probably day one just for the backwards compatibility, and it makes sense to shoot for higher base specs so developers are always targeting a non-compromised minimum experience. On the other… man, $500 is a lot of money. But even given another year for costs to come down, it’s hard to see them not losing money on this box at $500 with a 2TB (rumored) SSD, and all the other hardware packed in. And two, three years down the road I’ll be glad they went for the higher end experience.

Cerny seems to be a huge hire for Sony in the last gen and now this one. The guy is totally a gamer and understands what makes us happy with hardware.

About the only thing I want to see them change between PS4 and PS5 is the main interface. I’m comfortable with the ribbon now, but it’s really not the best option. There has to be something better.

$500 is a lot if that’s what it comes in at, but those specs are an expensive as hell PC if true. You figure that DVD/Blu-Ray of some kind will still be the physical delivery method too. It’ll probably play your 4K movies on disc.

The SSD is going to be a gigantic improvement. Hope it’s true.

I’ve been thinking about it a lot recently. On the 360 generation, I got all 3 big consoles: 360, PS3, Wii. I regretted the Wii the most, so I skipped the WiiU in the next generation, getting PS4 and XB1. But this time I think I’ll skip either Xbox or Playstation, or get them late in the cycle instead of at launch, and get the Nintendo Switch instead. I feel like I missed out on good Nintendo stuff for a while. The PS4 exclusives this generation were good, but nothing that couldn’t have waited (with the exception of Last of Us Remastered, which was sublime).

Sounds like it’s designed around it @Telefrog . Mark Cerny gave the demonstration. He’s THE guy for hardware for Sony since PS4. I expect all of this to be true. The only things that are probably up in the air at all right now are what the box will look like and how many ports of what type it has, etc.

I wonder if it will have a 4K blu-ray player?

I’m guessing it will. They still want to deliver games on something and solid state carts like Nintendo is using for Switch would probably be too small?

Again, Cerny might be the key here. I bet he likes that people can own the games on physical media because it’s also what he grew up with.

BC with all prior PS generations and I’ll pick one up day one too. Could finally toss my old PS and PS2, which probably aren’t long for this world anyway.

I wouldn’t bet on it. PS+ for sure, though. If the thing has PS4 BC built in anyway there’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to download and play PS4 games that are already in your library.

If it runs PS4 games I’m switching away from Xbox next generation. Xbox One has been almost nothing but disappointment since its release.

But that’s not how it works! It seems like the winner of the last generation always drops the ball on the next and gets overtaken. :)

I would argue launching your next-gen console at $500 again is dropping the ball, and with that price point being speculation based partially on the idea of Sony being willing to take a loss on hardware again, there’s still plenty of room for people to be wrong and for this to be another FIVE HUNDRED NINETY-NINE US DOLLARS situation, and less room for people to be wrong in the other direction.

I’m actually looking forward to that. Everyone talking about how Xbox 2 ‘WON’ the generation and making jokes about dusting off the PS5 sitting in their closet.