PlayStation 5

Yes, glad that it is coming, though the mention of “supported titles” isn’t ideal. Ideally it would work in anything with an uncapped frame rate, since if developers have to manually patch in support, many of them won’t.

Wow nice! Now if only we could get a PS5.

And a TV that supports it, which I’m not even sure mine does. But hey, it’s a good feature regardless.

I wouldn’t worry too much. It’s the same legalese they use to talk about 3D audio working with “supported” headphones, which in practice is any stereo headset.

Are there ever any PS5 inventory drops on the weekend?

Just saw this today too. Awesome!

There was a Best Buy drop this morning, except it was only for in store pickup. Everything on the eastern seaboard was unavailable but I did manage to reserve a pickup in a disk version in Little Rock for this Friday. Luckily I have a buddy who lives there who can pick it up and ship it to me.

I didn’t even realize Steam would need to update for the DS5 but it makes sense. I tried attaching my DS5 controller to my Shield TV and all the buttons were borked.

So nice update, especially since I use the DS4 for PC gaming exclusively. Don’t really see that changing to the DS5 though, I very slightly prefer the 4 to the new controller because it’s a bit smaller.

Deep Dive on the thermals. The cpu/gpu seem good (Gamers Nexus is notoriously reluctant to outright praise anything) except for the memory chips which are quite concerning, hitting 90+. They do note that Sony could probably add in a single contact pad and fix the problem though, nothing major would need to change.

I wonder how much of the supply issue is covid related.

I discovered something I didn’t know about with regard to Performance and Resolution modes today. You have to set your preference in the System settings under Saved Data and Game/App Settings or it will default to the game’s choice for you. With Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War that meant I was running in Resolution mode by default and to get the 120Hz Performance mode enabled I had to set it specifically in the System’s settings for it to take effect.

Fortunately, Black Ops tells you this on the Graphics screen or I would not have known this is something I can (and may often have to) muck with in the System’s options. If you let the game choose, you actually may not get a choice. Now depending on the game, that may not be much of a choice, but for some games it definitely is something you’d want to mess with. For now I’m leaving it on Performance, but I can easily see some times I’d want to choose the opposite.

And yes, my TV supports 120Hz modes. Samsung Q70R.

Sony absolutely shipped a ton of PS5s, this wasn’t a paper launch by any means, just very high demand. I’m sure the pandemic had some impact in both supply and demand.

I don’t think that’s true for all games. It appears to be a quirk of Call of Duty. Other 120hz games like Dirt 5 and DMCV just let you select it in the game as long as the display has 120hz support.

I didn’t watch their Dirt 5 video but John from Digital Foundry has mentioned this issue in other PS5 games, I think it really is a weird system quirk.

You have to set a system preference to the nebulous “performance” option that seems like it should only be picking default setup for your games, and it doesn’t mention anywhere that it’s specifically a requirement for 120Hz. I hope Sony fixes it with a system update in the future, though I don’t have a 129 Hz display anyway.

The only other issue Digital Foundry has mention is DMCV always ran with 120hz output no matter what mode you selected if it was connected to a 120hz display. That has already been patched and was unrelated to the system level preference.

Huh, skimmed some tweets and got as far as one where John Linneman does describe this as a “quirk” of CoD. You’re probably right. Could’ve sworn I read/heard it happening in at least one other game but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Heh, I just tried to test myself, unfortunately I couldn’t get the PS5 and my monitor to play nice together. It’s HDMI 2.0 and does up to 144hz, but the PS5 only detects it as 60hz capable at 1080p. On the plus side, I did learn my monitor will happily display a 4K HDR signal even though it is 1440p.

I got both an Xbox and a PS5 and yet all I’ve really played is this silly hoppy game

Enjoying Gears Tactics on the Xbox, more than I expected since I dabbled with it on the PC, as well as Master Chief Collection and Sekiro. On the PS5 I just got my PSVR camera adaptor, so I’m looking forward to some Star Wars Squadrons. I also couldn’t resist Spidey, Sackman, and Ghost of Ts.

I realized that all the cool features of my gaming monitor require displayport, and don’t work over HDMI. Those dreams of 1440p 120hz gaming on it with a console are dead and buried.

Nothing wrong with that! It’s great!