PlayStation 5

I know this may be a silly thing to comment on, but I absolutely love the menu music for Fenyx Rising. Last night I laid on the couch and closed my eyes just listening to it.

ok, I am ready, money is set aside. Where can I get a PS5 in Germany? I wonder if I will get a PS5 first or if I get vaccinated first. If I had to choose … hm

random thought: PS5 is like toilet paper in a pandemic

If you really want to know which mode runs the best or what you are giving up in one or the other, Digital Foundry is the source of information.

Just find the article or video for the PS5 game you are interested in and they will tell you exactly how the modes run and what you are giving up by selecting one:

PlayStation 5 • Digital Foundry •

Fantastic. Thanks!

Hard to overstate how awesome it is to go from all devices off to playing in 10 seconds. Just like the cartridge days!

Destruction Allstars supposedly next month for Plus. They put up a new trailer but I really wish they’d give us a longer look at what the gameplay loop is actually like.

Instant re-spawns is nice…

This reminds me of Twisted Metal.

Just discovered the soundtrack to Immortals Fenyx Rising on Spotify. Now I don’t have to keep the game running on my PS5 to listen to hauntingly beautiful music as background music to my cleaning :)

My kid loves Night in the Woods…and she keeps playing all these soundtracks from it and now my wife and I have these darn tunes in our heads all day…a few of them are actually very relaxing…nice having kids to keep you up to date on things!

Night in the Woods has been out for a bit, but considering that I still haven’t played it I guess you’re right lol

Eh sorta. More like Rocket league Rumble mode and Destruction Derby mixed together inside a pinball machine. No weapons that I saw but vehicle power ups that looked straight outta RL. Car Spikes, shield/barrier that makes cars insta gib, turbos, etc. The whole running around outside the car looks asinine but maybe that’s just me. I mean if your hero arena battler/destruction Derby/Rocket League thing also needs a third person run around mode you are prolly trying to do too much? I know nothing about it except for that trailer so fee l;free to ignore me :)

I don’t know about you all, but I think these are the most comfortable gamepads I’ve ever used.

I’m with you Jeff. I have always preferred the Xbox style layout in the past, but I really like the DualSense controller. Feels great, haptics are amazing, headphone jack for 3D audio, and has really long battery life to boot.

They’re queueing!

It’s pretty awesome. I can’t use it for Warzone though because I’m so accustomed to the back button attachment on the PS4 controller now. Really hoping they have a plan for something similar for the PS5 Dual Sense. I’d like to use it more.

Also, I’ve been going back and forth between my SteelSeries Arctis headset and the Sony PULSE 3D headset and dammit if that PULSE 3D isn’t just plain better. I hear things in it that I definitely can’t pick up while wearing the SteelSeries. If the microphone wasn’t total ASS, I’d move the SteelSeries to the PC permanently.

Oh boy, my random spot in the queue has an estimated wait time of more than a hour. Yay! What do we have? Another month or three before we can easily buy one?

To be fair, I like a “fair” lottery (waiting room, randomized queue after that, PSN account check) better than basically every other retailer’s way of doing this! But yeah, still very low % chance to get lucky, it seems. Some day.

I think the queue is definitely the fairest of the ways you can find one right now, especially since lots of people don’t want to venture out due to COVID. I’ll keep posting here when I see it going up. If you have the dough ready, just keep trying!

Holy smoke!

That’s one hell of a month. Don’t forget to claim them! Notable is Concrete Genie has VR support.