PlayStation 5

Wonder if they’ll make a remaster of it.

Was the PS4 Ratchet and Clank game good? Looks like @LockerK liked it.

Impact on sales or rioting from the fanbase, which may sound dumb but gamers can over react in some pretty dumb ways.

“The toxic fanboys didn’t come for us in great number, so we emerged from the bunker and thought we’d dip our toe in the water again. Hopefully they’re still cool with other people getting to play our games”


I know a couple guys like that - definitely a Covid quarantine effect for them, as they are spending more time at home than they have in years, and they always liked gaming but felt they had grown out of them - or had too many other responsibilities - but were drawn back in by circumstances and have rekindled their love of gaming

Indeed. More of a statement of intent than a product announcement. Still good to hear that the PSVR will not be orphaned. Was worried when the PS5 camera was not compatible but now it seems an indication that they will be using head mounted tracking instead

Do I get that included collection if I sign up and only have a PS4 Pro? I’m thinking that I’ll probably be buying a Series X before I ever buy a PS5.

No, the PS+ collections is only for PS5 owners.

You can get access to them temporarily if you log into a PS5 with your account.

I wouldn’t worry about it yet until they reveal the future of the IGC.

Yep, as above if you have a friend with a PS5 my understanding is you could potentially acquire them that way. Sony has banned some people who have a lot of internet friends but I wouldn’t worry about it if it’s only one.

I also suspect the first party games in this lineup are prime candidates for PC ports.

Rats. But I do get the free monthly games as they come out, right (the equivalent of Games with Gold)?

Yes, just make sure to add them to your library, for the PS5 ones you may need to do it via the web if you don’t own a ps5.

That was my biggest push to go get a PS5, and with the delay in GT7 I’m settling back into the ‘I’ll get it when I get it’ chair. I’ll still watch for PS5 availability, but there’s even less interest for a 2021 purchase now. Might just put together a new PC instead.

…if you thought getting a PS5 right now was hard…!

Ha. Indeed. Go for a prebuilt :)

I’m in the same boat. I have the money and was all set for this year to be the year I buy a new console and build a PC. But at this point I’m really not interested in doing a bunch of extra work to get these companies to sell me their product. Super Switch will probably be the exact same situation as well.

GameStop had PS5 bundles available on their website if anyone is still looking.

Hey that’s me

Not any more. Did a search for PlayStation 5 console and nothing came up.

Well, here’s one ps4 owner that would like to be a ps5 owner 🙄