PlayStation 5

I wonder if they are hoping for a “You can trade games by handing your friend the disc” opportunity again.

Yeah it could be argued Microsoft isn’t really at E3 anymore, just during. Last year they did all their stuff from the Microsoft Theater which they own.

is interesting that we still move brains around instead of information

maybe Sony is post-Analogical and only need a HTTP powered server to post some HTML and some JPEGS or perhaps stream a MPEG

There’s some good discussion of this on today’s Bombcast, BTW, with Jeff putting it in th context of the corporate reorganisation.

I hope to carry that image with me to my grave. Heh. It was pretty brilliant.

Is it possible Sony just doesn’t have anything to show yet?

They have tons to show, but they’ll probably do it next month at a PlayStation 5 unveiling event. I think skipping E3 is mostly about Sony’s frustration with the ESA’s mismanagement.

Microsoft does there big big E3 press conference but that’s using their own theater. Even they don’t have much of a presence directly on the show floor either.

I’m sad Sony aren’t going. Not because I think it’s a bad decision for them (I don’t see it as good or bad), but because E3 is a fun week, and I will be sad if it declines and more of the industry declines to show up. Even Microsoft isn’t really TECHNICALLY at E3, as their conference and “show floor” take place at their theater across the street.

One of my favourite things about E3 week, is that it’s a period where basically the entire industry’s creative and business braintrust is in the same place, which makes for lots of great podcasts, videos, and panel discussions. Giant Bomb especially, has a panoply of amazing guests all that week, who are only all there at the same time because of E3. That’ll go away if everyone just hosts their own events.

And E3 itself is fun to watch. It’s fun to watch the conferences, and see what goofy or cringeworthy nonsense will go on. It’s fun to get a concentrated blast of reveals. It’s fun to idly jaw about who “won” the show, and read an endless stream of reports from people playing all of the new games on the floor or behind closed doors.

I suspect Microsoft is having the same problems. I have a feeling this generation is going to start at $499.

Yeah, I can’t imagine it being anything less. And I guess to be fair, that’s like half the price of a new smartphone these days. :)

What a shock. They want an 8 core full desktop class CPU, high end GPU with hardware raytracing. A custom high end SSD, and a bunch of GDDR6 memmory…that equals a phat price tag.

Everyone’ll be streaming to their Chromebooks soon anyway.

Most of the components for the console have been locked down, the people said, including the cooling system, which is unusually expensive at a few dollars per unit. Typically, companies would spend less than a dollar, but Sony opted to lavish more on making sure heat dissipation from the powerful chips housed inside the console isn’t an issue.

This is good news at least.

Agreed. We don’t need mini heaters in our entertainment centers. Spend the money hopefully it comes down, eventually.

Yeah, I’m pretty sure both will be at least $499 this time.

My worry would be more that with these newsleaks, they’re trying to condition the market to $550 or even $600. We’ll see - hopefully the magical $500 price point keeps them at $499 this time around.

I don’t know why that would be the case. Sony, at least, usually sells new consoles at a slight loss when they launch. If the reported cost is true, $550-600 would be a big mark up.

That $450 number is only the bill of materials. You’ve still got R&D, manufacturing, shipping, marketing, etc. At $499 they’d still be selling it at a small loss.

I agree that $550-600 is extremely unlikely, however.

Sure, but their bill of materials for the PS4 was estimated at $380 which translated to retail pricing of $399 with a small loss per unit. The PS5 coming in at 450 for parts right now I think would actually give them a bit of extra flexibility to bump up certain specs a bit if they are going to settle on retailing at 500. Like maybe they can bump the SSD size or pack in a nicer headset than they had planned on.