PlayStation 5

Are you sure you’re not looking at the demo for Diablo 3?

If there’s a setting to turn it on, I haven’t found it. And I’ve really looked.

If you pick up Subnautica (free in the “Play at Home” program), note you have to manually save and you should do so often. Given that deaths continue the game, it doesn’t trigger my normal save instincts. I found the sort of switching that unloads the game has to load from your save. It has no other temporary save for that situation, which is unfortunate because it’s not clear to me when I’m quitting the title. Also one crash so far.

Since there’s no thread for it, and I doubt anyone cares enough for me to make one, I’ll dump some comments in here about Oddworld: Soulstorm since I tried it out yesterday…

It’s definitely ODD with a capital ODD, just like all the others.

The odd is in the characters, the setting, the story… but gameplay-wise it’s straight forward platform puzzling like the originals. It’s ok if that’s your thing, and I can’t say I dislike it, but I also think it’s one of those games where you have to wonder who it’s made for other than the very specific group of Oddworld fans out there that adore Abe’s Oddysee, etc. Putting it on PS Plus was smart because I wouldn’t have played this otherwise.

If the characters and Lorne Lanning shoving his voice acting in your face weren’t so super offputting to me, I think I’d like this style of game more. It looks good enough, plays smoothly most of the time on PS5 (although there are some hitches here and there), and puzzling out how to get through the levels is engaging. I just don’t know if I can stomach its setting and its weirdness to play it much beyond the one and a half levels I did so far.

It’s not really next gen in any appreciable way. Maybe a little prettier than it would have been on last gen hardware, but most of the graphic “wow” is in the cutscenes, which you can’t skip, and where all that ODD is located along with Lorne Lanning and his script. So yeah… you can probably skip this unless you love Oddworld.

Thanks! I’ll definitely move it back and hit other PS4 games from my PS Plus backlog first.

Guaranteed you have better games to play in the Collection than this one. I know it sounds like I’m hating with that comment, but it’s not a bad game, it just isn’t for … anyone? I feel like Lorne makes games for Lorne to showcase Lorne and if you love Lorne then you’ll love Oddworld.

Big update tomorrow which will increase storage options and let you archive PS5 games to external storage if you are not playing them.

Note you can only download them to internal storage for some reason.

I don’t think that will be too much of a problem in practice. If you want to download a new game, in most cases it’s because you want to play it, so you’ll just move the stuff you’re not playing to cold storage first.

So when do we get access and specs for that SSD port? I mean downloading games I don’t want to play to external storage is… okay, but come on.

Summer is what they’ve been saying.

Real question is when will those drives be affordable?

They’ve already dropped in price a good bit since last year. 1TB Samsung and Western Digital drives with 7GB/s class speed have gone as low as ~$170. These were ~$230 last November. 2TB models have been as low as $315.

I hope the chip shortages don’t spike these prices.

They almost certainly will. I’m definitely not expecting space on the PS5 to be a cheap upgrade any time soon.

Nearly all games are not Call of Duty-sized so it’s not too bad right now. I’ve got CoD: Cold War, Oddworld, Destruction AllStars, Bugsnax, Demon’s Souls, Rainbow Six: Siege, Astro Bot, and Control: Ultimate Edition all installed on PS5 atm with space to spare and a bunch of video I need to comb through and delete too. All my PS4 stuff is on external drive (where it belongs IMO). It’s not as bad as it seems.

Affordable is also debatable. I mean the entire machine at MRSP is 499 and then asking someone to drop almost half of that again would not be affordable for… maybe. I don’t think it will take long for a few flagship games to eat that existing space, so I am curious which ones are compatible and if there is anything else to know about that whole process.

It really depends on the games. My understanding of the CoD engine is they do a lot of duplication of assets to make things work in their games. They are also at the cutting edge of a lot of stuff graphically.

There are real world PS5 games you can use to compare now. Souls is about 60GB on the drive. Oddworld is only 14GB. Destruction AllStars is 28GB. Control is 26GB… you get the idea. CoD is an outlier right now and I’m not sure we should expect other games to approach it until long after this upgrade is viable both physically and for cost.

Also, it’s unlikely Bugsnax, Oddworld, etc are going to be eating my drive space by the end of summer. Games come and go. I’m fine with some rotation of installations given how much faster everything performs on the internal hardware.

And this specifically is a thing devs will no longer need to do for the PS5 exclusive titles thanks to the high speed SSD.

Correct. I think we’ll know more about the effects of that come this fall when the new Call of Duty ships. If it’s still a 180-200GB bloat monster, then something else is up with their games and the assets they’re using to make them.

Battlefield 6 (or whatever it will be called) is another that should give us insight into that.

Based on how I install and play games, I don’t think it will take long to fill up that drive, and that has nothing to do with CoD games which I don’t play on either console or PC. I just want to know more about the drives that the PS5 supports, aka which ones and their performances in the machine.