PlayStation 5

They almost certainly will. I’m definitely not expecting space on the PS5 to be a cheap upgrade any time soon.

Nearly all games are not Call of Duty-sized so it’s not too bad right now. I’ve got CoD: Cold War, Oddworld, Destruction AllStars, Bugsnax, Demon’s Souls, Rainbow Six: Siege, Astro Bot, and Control: Ultimate Edition all installed on PS5 atm with space to spare and a bunch of video I need to comb through and delete too. All my PS4 stuff is on external drive (where it belongs IMO). It’s not as bad as it seems.

Affordable is also debatable. I mean the entire machine at MRSP is 499 and then asking someone to drop almost half of that again would not be affordable for… maybe. I don’t think it will take long for a few flagship games to eat that existing space, so I am curious which ones are compatible and if there is anything else to know about that whole process.

It really depends on the games. My understanding of the CoD engine is they do a lot of duplication of assets to make things work in their games. They are also at the cutting edge of a lot of stuff graphically.

There are real world PS5 games you can use to compare now. Souls is about 60GB on the drive. Oddworld is only 14GB. Destruction AllStars is 28GB. Control is 26GB… you get the idea. CoD is an outlier right now and I’m not sure we should expect other games to approach it until long after this upgrade is viable both physically and for cost.

Also, it’s unlikely Bugsnax, Oddworld, etc are going to be eating my drive space by the end of summer. Games come and go. I’m fine with some rotation of installations given how much faster everything performs on the internal hardware.

And this specifically is a thing devs will no longer need to do for the PS5 exclusive titles thanks to the high speed SSD.

Correct. I think we’ll know more about the effects of that come this fall when the new Call of Duty ships. If it’s still a 180-200GB bloat monster, then something else is up with their games and the assets they’re using to make them.

Battlefield 6 (or whatever it will be called) is another that should give us insight into that.

Based on how I install and play games, I don’t think it will take long to fill up that drive, and that has nothing to do with CoD games which I don’t play on either console or PC. I just want to know more about the drives that the PS5 supports, aka which ones and their performances in the machine.

I don’t follow CoD much - is the next one targeted just at Gen 9 platforms? Otherwise, I could see them sticking with the streaming and file system they’ve got, just to simplify dev and deployment. Because that’d be an architectural level change, which is always a pain in the butt.

There may be minimal gains that are simple they could effect for the new platforms, but if it’s cross generation, I’d be surprised if there’s a huge change this iteration.

We don’t know yet, but very possible they will still support last gen and with the same engine. The Modern Warfare engine is damn good so it’s not a detriment really, but it may mean another huge install. I’m hoping not or at least with good modular installation. (Delete campaign files after you’re done with it, etc.)

Playing Enlisted tonight and it’s a PS5 only title that looks every bit as good as CoD does and it’s a tiny install by comparison. It’s only 17GB.

Well, I have 2 external drives, a 3.1 1TB SSD and a 3.0 4 TB HDD. Was hoping to use the bigger drive as the archive drive and the SSD only to play PS4 games off of, and well I can but the copy was easily 4 times slower than the SSD, ooph.

Still I’m doing ok on space as long as I don’t succumb to digital hoarder tendencies (I haven’t played this is over 6 months but maybe I should keep it on the drive anyway?)

Is there a way to quickly move back and forth between your screenshots and a game? I’m using a screenshot for reference, and having to swap back and forth means going:
Home>>settings>>storage >>media gallery>>choose image

Kind of a pain. And when done, if you go back to your game you lose that and have to do it all over again.

Quick switching to an open app was done by double clicking the PS button on the PS4. Not sure if that works on the PS5, but you could try.

I think the last of the quick menu items (activities?) is the last screen shot you took. All the way to the right. If you select it you can go through your past captures.

A few weeks in, some little things that I notice:

The PS5 is quiet. Except when there’s a disc in the drive, and then it spins up every hour or so, even not playing the game on the disc. I haven’t tried any PS5-optimized titles that might really heat it up.

I still hold the PS button to put the system to sleep. And then see I have to it it instead. I think this is going to fade to nothing in another couple months.

I’m not making use of the app switcher yet. PS4 games don’t seem to have a quick resume if going between multiple (as opposed to switching between one game and a video app or system apps). The old game just shuts down and has to load normally when switching back to it.

Trophies load fast. I browse them a lot. Maybe this isn’t as good of a thing as I first thought.

The home screen seems improved but still has these elements of non-configurability that annoyed me on the PS4. I’m happy that media apps have their own partition. In there I no longer have to put up with paid placements for popular services I’m not subscribed to being in the way of the ones I actually use. That used to annoy me tons on the PS4. But, it seems like it persists on the games screen. I don’t pay for PSNow. Because I wondered what that icon was, it’s still near the front of my game icon list, and I can’t remove it. Store, news, Now, Plus–that’s two too many things in a short list.

The fact that it has light shining from its fins I thought would catch my eye in dark sections or during movies. It actually hasn’t so far. Maybe they’re crazy and dim if the screen has less total brightness being displayed. Either way, no problem yet with what I feared would be a sore spot.

This is my favorite controller ever. Shape in hand, grippiness of thumb stick, button resistance.

This studio is a bunch of devs that worked on multiplayer stuff like Destiny, CoD, Apex legends. The MP exclusive is one of the areas Sony was a little weak last gen so this should help shore that up.

I assume there’s no way to turn off the lights on the PS5 while it’s on or in rest mode?

Anyone know why the servers have been down for almost 2 hours? Pretty worrisome. Hope it’s not another hack.

It’s back up

Small change I noticed: one of the recent firmware updates added some granularity to the HDMI CEC options, letting you choose if powering on the PS5 turns on your other devices and if turning your other devices off puts the PS5 into rest mode. Which is huge given the initial implementation would turn the system off and make you run through storage maintenance on next boot. A welcome addition.

We shall make it … smaller … inside.