PlayStation 5

Wait, what now? All that standing still has finally got them to the front?

Kind of. Or at least a lot closer to the edge of new tech than any prior console has really been.

Wasn’t the PS5 Sony event supposed to be in February? That doesn’t give them too much more time. Maybe it will be in March instead?

No, it was never officially announced, just random speculation by people on the internet.

Bah, and here I thought we had more wild speculations to be had today instead of complaints about previous ones being bogus.

Well technically they’re probably not at parity. But basically the graphics on consoles are so good now that I essentially don’t care how good they look on the PC.

In the DF video I linked above the next Xbox gpu seems to be using hardware not currently available for pc and more powerful than almost any current cards except perhaps the 2080ti.

That as a part of the whole package is a giant amount of power and I assume that the PS5 is basically on par.

So it’s not even a weird stretch right now now to say that they’re ahead of most pc systems in terms of graphics horsepower.

I feel like this console generation could be quite special.

That would be awesome. CPU/SSD stuff too.

Finally! Looking forward to hearing the summary.

My kid wants ray traced Minecraft and I don’t plan on an Xbox. Don’t let me down Sony.

I can’t believe that I just typed that.

They never released the graphics pack they promised like 4 years ago. One way or another I wouldn’t hold your breath!

I’m going to laugh my ass off if the PS5 turns out to be more powerful than the Series X.

20 minutes to go. YouTube link:

Two minutes!

Thanks for the bump, would’ve forgotten.

… youtube chat for this stuff is even worse than twitch.

This setup is terrible and weird. I have no idea if those people silhouettes are real or CG, and the “set” is bad because there’s no depth.

Very amateur production IMO.