PlayStation 5

Sony published financials today. Said it had sold 2.3m PS5s in Q1 (April to June) and still expects to sell “more than 14.8m” in the fiscal year. Not a new forecast, though.

This is the important takeaway. They still can’t make them fast enough.

That’s rather evident from the stock situation. They haven’t changed the sales forecast through April 2022, either, which suggests it’s not going to improve dramatically any time soon.

Xbone/PS4 were kinda crap at release, incapable of really handling 1080p. I didn’t find them interesting at all. XSX/PS5 are cool. That’s just me, of course.

Yeah, somewhere in there they also said they’ve been able to procure the parts AND make these things at a cost below MSRP. PS5 systems are now either break even or profitable on cost of goods.

In the current environment where the world is out of everything, shipping costs are enormous if you can even get ships, rail, and trucks to ship raw materials, etc. it’s surprising they are making things at a lower cost today.

Yeah, I wonder if shipping is included in their manufacturing cost here. Because it’s nuts right now.

I’m guessing this might be mentioned in the VR thread, but that thread moves too fast for me to keep up with it.

Sounds expensive! But good.

The most interesting features rumored are the eye tracking combined with foveated rendering to increase detail exactly where you are looking.

If it’s just one cable you plug into the front USB-C port on the PS5, that will be pretty sweet. No breakout box.

Also haptics on the headset itself which is not something I’ve seen elsewhere, to combat nausea they (allegedly) say

I bought the 2TB version of the above model and got into the beta. It’s down in price to $309 today.

The included heatsink is a bit too large to fit with the cover on, but it’s easy to remove the top half and replace it. The bottom is glued on, but doesn’t interfere with replacing the top with something low profile. I used an all copper version I bought for $10 on Amazon.

Thank you. I’ll have to check that out.

I ended up buying Demon Souls when it was discounted to $44. Though I haven’t played it yet as I still have Hitman 3 to finish. But I also seemed to get The Show for free?? Or is that just the PS5 tricking me into thinking I own it and I have to purchase it in-game?

Do you have to actually open up the playstation to install a new drive or is there just a cover that you pop off to get access to the slot?

There’s a specific bay for it after you pop the cover.

Wow, that seems like a huge pain in the butt. I don’t really like the idea of being stuck with just one proprietary solution, however this solution might actually be worse. I got to think there are a lot of people who own consoles that aren’t comfortable with 1) trying to figure out what drive is compatible, 2) possibly have to purchase and install a heatsink to said drive, and then 3) having to take apart their console in order to install the SSD. It will be interesting to see where things are at in like a year from now. I think I prefer the Microsoft solution to this if they have more drive options available then just the one. Maybe by then Sony at least has drives that are marked “compatible with PS5” or certain drives sold as PS5 drives to make it a little easier?

Drive makers are already marketing their stuff as PS5 compatible. In short order “will this work in a PS5?” will be one of the top questions on Amazon for any SSD just like you see about MicroSD cards and the Switch. Anyone scared of adding a heatsink can just avoid those models, but that’s a cheap and easy option for anyone who wants it.

And installing an m.2 drive in the PS5 is way easier than upgrading a drive on the PS3 or PS4 which plenty of people managed. Both of those required you to reinstall the firmware from a USB drive and could involve a backup and restore process that took tens of hours to complete. It’s even easier than adding an SD card to a 3DS, which required removing the entire back casing.

Finally success in the PS5 market during today’s Walmart drop. It supposedly doesn’t ship until September 28, but if all goes well I will now be the owner of a new PS5 before the holidays.

Congrats! It’s a nice system even if the true PS5 exclusives have been pretty slow to arrive. Still really happy I put the effort in to get one.