PlayStation 5

Holy hell! A new Let It Die game!

The new Little Devil Inside trailer looks absolutely delightful!

A new Star Ocean next year is a bit of a surprise, but looks a little rough. Wish they would sort out the character designs, as well.

Agree, Little Devil Inside looks fantastic, if the story and gameplay can hold up to the promise.

Couple easter eggs in that Deathverse trailer. Uncle Death is watching the TV at the start. Look for his reflection when it zooms in around six seconds in. Also, the floating skull head says “Got it, Senpai.” which is what UD calls you in Let It Die. I’m pretty fired up for Deathverse. LID is a fantastic cult classic game that has excellent beat 'em up combat and that looks like they lifted it and added to it here.

Also, “MURDER MURDER, WOOO!” is about the best bit of some great lyrics in that first song. LOL!

Wow… PlayStation Blog has a big rundown…

Apple Music added to the PS5, so now you have two choices of streaming music while gaming.

That’s great news. That’s the streaming service I’m subscribed to thanks to a family membership. Hopefully they’ll get added to Xbox soon too.

That LDI trailer is cute. Been watching it for what seems like years now, though, and I’ll have to wait a bit longer than PS users since it’s a timed exclusive. Oh, well.

When you took the SSD cover slot off your PS5, was there a piece of plastic that didn’t allow the cover to go all the way down? (See back corner?)

I honestly don’t recall. I had no issues opening and putting in the new SSD though.

The bug to want to upgrade to PS5 from a PS4 finally hit me. It’s but me pretty strong this weekend in fact. But before I go crazy over chasing restock ghosts or debating the moral hazard of giving scalper bots more reason to exist, is it total folly to try to buy a PS5 now? Is there any reasonable hope? I am trying to buy the one that has the Blu-ray drive if that helps at all. I do plan to get a second controller, so maybe a bundle that is not pure waste would help my odds? Or do I just save the frustration and consider it not out?

@Chaplin, when I decided I wanted one, I followed Matt Swider and set his tweets to do an instant notification on my phone. He’s awesome at publishing in-stock status, or even alerting a bit before.

I had mine within a week or so of following him. I didn’t catch his first two in-stock alerts in time, but I was able to get one from Sony on his third tweet.

It’s definitely possible with a bit of persistence. I’ve managed to source a couple for friends and family members recently.

  • Register accounts and set up payment info with all major retailers. Check the paid memberships at Walmart, Sam’s Club, and Gamestop to improve your odds. Sucks that they’re necessary, but better than paying a scalper.
  • Follow Matt Swider and Lord of Restocks on Twitter, and set your phone to notify you when they tweet.
  • When you get a notification, click through and try to buy it. This is just a matter of luck and persistence. The systems are always overloaded and throwing up errors, but people do eventually get through. Keep trying to get through the checkout process.
  • This will still most likely fail. I’d estimate maybe a 25% success chance when there’s a drop, if you do everything right. But keep trying and eventually you’ll get one.
  • It’s a bit easier to get a bundle than a bare system because they’re less profitable for scalpers. Spare controller and PS+ subscription are stuff you would probably buy anyway, but you might have to get a headset or a game you don’t care about. Still better than buying from a scalper, though, and you can always resell the extra items to get a chunk of the price back.

Thank you @Editer and @Thraeg. I will try to put some of this to use. I really am not sure I have it in me to do the whole restock chase this time. There is a lot of real world pressure going on and I am already chasing logistical chains for a lot of things all the way down to fence materials of all things. That said, the bug to try to find one has really gotten out of hand the last week or so, so maybe I just need to suck it up and do yet another electronics hunt.

Yeah, I mean outside of making sure I had logins for all the major sites handy, I don’t think I spent more than about 20 minutes of real time getting my PS5. If you fail on a drop, you know pretty much instantly, so it’s not a big stress addition. :)

NewEgg has bundles in the Shuffle today.

The game selection isn’t something I’d want, but I can vouch for the PULSE 3D headset and the charging station as excellent accessories. I have both.

Thanks. Unfortunately the hunt continues.

I think I’ve given up on getting a PS5, at least for now. Keeping track of these pop up sales is just too much hassle. Hopefully someday you’ll just be able to walk into a store and buy one.