PlayStation 5

What, a Skyrim play with only 80-some hours?

I notice that their graphic for Final Fantasy VII Remake shows both PS5 and Intergrade. That’s not what I played. I tried looking into getting my PS+ copy upgraded a couple weeks back, when they announced it was free at least for the purchasing players, and there was no path. Maybe it has happened behind the scenes now?

I finally read the error message past “Uh Oh Something went wrong”, and duh. That makes sense. I never thought to read the actual message instead of stopping at Something Went Wrong.

You’re mature enough to be mistaken for someone older than 17, except by PlayStation.

feels like confession time…

Whoa! I didn’t realize I’d poured 40 hours into Risk of Rain 2 on the PS4 in 2021. It’s essentially a Risk of Rain 2 machine at this point, since I rarely turn it on otherwise.

Finally landed my PS5. Any tips or tricks before I get started? Fairly easy to import your Playstation Profile and start downloading games?

These seem like good tips. Includes how to port over PS4 stuff.

Turns out if im not playing Fornite im playing JRPG’s

I’ll be disappointed if this is the extent of the partnership and what took them 9 months to implement.

When I first saw the tweet I thought Sony was buying Discord.

I don’t even want to display my Playstation activity on Playstation, why would I want to do it on Discord?

Most of that was probably idling on the menu lol.

There’s just so much stuff to do :) Dreams is kinda like buying a gigantic indie bundle of 5,000 two minute games. I got involved with the creative part of the community, and spend a lot of time just checking out the music/art people make. I also make garbage things. It’s incredibly fast to use, and I had a lot of fun putting together VR stuff for my family to play.

Here’s something you’re missing out on by not finishing the tutorial:

Trip’s Voyage Trailer - YouTube

I STILL haven’t been able to find one of these. Everyone I know is ready to switch to PS5 from our Xbox group but no one can find one save one guy, who used a Twitter alert feed that hasn’t produced anything for me.

QT3, what’s your secret sauce? Help me buy a PS5! Not scalped, plz.

There are Twitter accounts like CheapAssGamer and Wario64 that issue in-stock alerts. Even with those, you’ve got to be quick on the draw.

Also, signing up for the Sony Direct PS5 sales is the route some of my friends who had success went.

Way up thread somewhere I mentioned how I used the HotStock app to alert me and it worked pretty well for me to get one, and I was only casually trying. Not sure how it goes these days, but it’s worth checking out.

The only assist I have used has been the HotStock app. Using it, I’ve bought 2 series X, one PS5, and an OLED switch over the last couple years.

I already followed Wario64 and I clicked on links to a PS5 at Walmart and an XSX at Best Buy that he posted back in 2020.

Following the NZ equivalents of the twitter accounts mentioned got me a PS5 and a Xbox Series X within about 6 weeks.